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The new League of Legends season begins, and players eagerly wait for the start of the competitive pro scene. The LEC, League of Legends European Championship, is set to begin on January 24th. Of course, no game is perfect — and there are a few bugs to fix related to gameplay.

Lux and Syndra disabled

As the kick-off is a week away, the LEC has announced some upsetting news. The League Operations Lead, Maximilian “RiotMAXtheX” Peter Schmidt, shared that Lux and Syndra won’t be playable for the first week of the games. The announcement came as a surprise to fans on Twitter, especially since Syndra is one of the top picks for Mid Laners in the LEC. He posted this on his Twitter, stating “they are currently suffering from potentially game-altering bugs for competitive play.”

Sett is also unplayable

Along with the Lux and Syndra bans, Sett will also be disabled for the first week. As he was just released yesterday, this is a fair move to ensure all players are comfortable to play with or against him. Normally, new champions are disabled for a short amount of time, but Reddit users have also mentioned there are noticeable issues with Sett.

Not just the LEC

Schmidt continues the thread sharing the extent of the bans. A user questioned him, asking if this will affect official regional leagues within Europe, and he answered: “This will also apply to all ERLs – unless the issues are resolved before the respective ERL starts of course.” The LCS will also have the same disables as the LEC; whether or not other regions are to experience the same decision is unknown.

Unsatisfied players

Schmidt did receive some concerns from other Twitter users. A few users wanted to know why these bans only happen in the pro scene, and not in ranked games. He answered back with a previous post he had shared last Summer regarding a similar champion ban. He stated, “Pro players are able to use certain issues to their advantage more consistently than us ‘non-pros’.”

The point of his explanation was that pro players would be able to practice using a bug much better than non-pros, and it would have a significant impact on the outcome of a match. Many fans have noted that this is still an issue for Solo Queue players.

The issues with Lux and Syndra have not been made public and there is no word if it will be. We’re hoping to see their bans lifted in the pro scene soon, especially since the season is just around the corner. We’ll keep you updated here at Daily Esports.