Riot dev reveals Rengar changes for patch 12.6 arriving late March
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Riot Phlox, a developer on League of Legends, revealed the upcoming Rengar changes for patch 12.6 on Wednesday, with many of his abilities getting buffs.

Phlox described Rengar’s gameplay as “awkward” right now and said these changes make him more of a balanced champion. This includes buffs to his passive, his Q, E and R abilities.

All of these changes are currently confined to the PBE at the moment, alongside the latest skin line, until Patch 12.6 goes live on March 30. As a result, all of the following is tentative at the moment:

Unseen Predator (Passive)

For Rengar’s passive, his next leap now generates a stack of ferocity when he otherwise has none. Adding onto this, the falloff time for ferocity changes from eight to 10 seconds, giving players more time to use it. For the Bonetooth Necklace part of the passive, the forgiveness timer is changed from “1.5 to 3 seconds” long, also giving players more time.

Regarding the standard leaping-out-of-a-brush tactic the passive enables, the variability is removed for “up to 0.25 seconds.” To make it fit better with the passive, his jump’s range has increased in terms of both distance and height.

Last but not least, Rengar’s stacks will use his secondary bar. To go along with this, the bar will show “which stacks came from his leap.” Phlox went into more detail with this change, saying “the Q crit changes are so that when playing low percentage crit Rengar you’re not just yolo hoping for a crit to be successful.”

Savagery (Q)

The changes for Rengar’s Q, Savagery, aren’t as extensive as his passive. However, they are still aimed at increasing his potential in-game. First, his Q now counts as a critical hit every time it hits. After this change goes live, building more critical strike chance increases the damage his Q does. The scaling for that, according to Phlox, is “1% crit change to 1 damage” in-game.

In addition to the crit change, his Q can be used on towers. Along with that crit change, this means that at full build, Rengar has the ability to destroy towers quickly with his Q.

Bola Strike (E)

Some brand new changes to Rengar involve his E, the Bola Strike. With this mentioned as a focus in the Twitter thread, these new changes target Rengar’s assassination potential. Bola strike now reveals targets for two seconds and has no casting time when leaping to a struck target. As a result, Rengar’s E gives not only more assassination potential for him, but for his team in general.

Thrill of the Hunt (R)

The final change announced for Rengar revolves around the reveal portion of his ultimate, Thrill of the Hunt. Now, when revealing enemies with his ultimate, it doesn’t only reveal the enemies. This change adds more vision so players can see a small area around their enemies.

While not a big change to his ultimate, it is a noticeable improvement. The ability to better judge what is around enemies can help quick decision-making for engages.

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