Riot announces Teamfight Tactics' next set, TFT: Fates
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Teamfight Tactics is finally getting a new set after two different Galaxies sets, TFT: Fates. Riot announced the new set today via Twitter, adding that it will release with Patch 10.19 in September.

What we know about the TFT: Fates set so far

We don’t know too much about TFT: Fates yet, but Riot gave a few tidbits of information in their tweet. It looks like we will be getting Champions (likely with skins) that have something to do with Dragons, Magic, Spirits, and Storms. Riot’s post says “Small (but still very fearsome) dragons with the power of storm and shadow lead great armies to defend this otherworldly plane.”

We also know that the set will release with Patch 10.19, which will likely drop around a month from today. Therefore, the new set will likely go live on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) in the next couple of weeks.

Early predictions

Given Riot’s reveal and what we know about previous TFT sets, we can make some early predictions about TFT: Fates. Aside from balance changes, we can assume that the same items will return. As for Champions, we can assume that we will see different skin lines to fit various themes, like the space-themed skins we saw in the Galaxies sets.

Since Dragons seem to be a core theme, we could see dragon-themed skins. Dragon Master Swain, Dragon Sorceress Zyra, the Dragonslayer skins, and the Dragon Trainer skins all seem like good fits.

As for the magic and spirit skins, we just had an entire event based around the Spirit Blossom skins. It seems likely that Riot will use these as well. As for storms, the Worldbreaker skin line seems like a good fit for this category.

Make sure to stay tuned for more information about the new TFT: Fates set. We’re bound to get more news about it soon.