Revenant's ultimate ability for Season 4 of Apex Legends revealed?
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Earlier today, we received our first trailer for Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation. In it, we see around a dozen murders take place along with some clues for the story of Season 4. Most of this relates back to Revenant, our newest legend starting on Feb. 4. The trailer showcases Revenant taking his revenge against Hammond Robotics, the company that created his current form.

However, in the middle of all of the murders, we appear to see a glimpse of Revenant’s upcoming ultimate ability. While this isn’t confirmed, it’s more than likely this is Respawn teasing us before the season begins.

What is Revenant’s ultimate ability?

We’ve already gotten a hint from Respawn regarding Revenant’s tactical ability, being a poison bomb. However, there’s been no other information leaked or teased from any source. That is, up until today. Starting at 1:14 in the official Season 4 trailer, we can see Revenant turn into a Shadowfall character.

The Shadowfall Limited-Time Mode was a part of the Halloween celebration in Apex Legends. The LTM saw different characters turn into a shadow-like creature with enhanced abilities and health. In the trailer, Revenant turns into the exact character we saw in that LTM.

So, while this isn’t confirmed to be his ultimate ability, there’s a more than likely chance that it is. Revenant is known to be a bringer of death, and the Shadowfall abilities match this characteristic.

However, we don’t know what Revenant will be able to do while his ultimate ability is active. Presumably, his health will increase, as will his jumping and sprinting speeds. Also, since he fights with his fists in the trailer, perhaps his melee damage will increase while in Shadowfall.

All will become clear on Feb. 4, when Season 4 of Apex Legends releases. Until then, all we have are theories.

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