Revenant in Apex Legends seems to have a broken hitbox
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Since the debut of Season 4, Apex Legends players have had mixed feelings about the newest character, Revenant. While his passive and tactical abilities can be useful, most feel that the robotic killer is too situational to be used effectively.

However, one of Revenant’s key elements that not many players take note of is his incoming damage increase. Like the other small legends, Revenant takes a five percent damage increase from enemy fire. While this isn’t out of the ordinary, Revenant’s hitbox is, as some players have discovered.

A broken hitbox for Revenant

When Apex Legends first released, hitboxes were a big deal. Many noticed that legends like Pathfinder were nearly impossible to hit thanks to their minute size. However, Respawn quickly patched this to ensure that the larger legends took less damage but could be hit in more areas.

For the smaller legends like Revenant and Wraith, their hitboxes are smaller but come with a five percent damage increase. The community mostly agrees on this system as it balances the legends across the board.

Although, the system falls apart if a legend like Revenant has a larger hitbox than normal. If he has a bigger hitbox, he becomes much easier to hit and the five percent damage increase only makes things worse. Reddit user SAS97x displays how messed up Revenant’s hitbox really is.

5% Damage increase doesnt seem justified for Revenant. His Hitbox is actually pretty disjointed in many areas from apexlegends

As the clip shows, Revenant is being hit in areas where he has no limbs or other body parts. Obviously, this makes the legend even weaker than the community perceives him to be. Respawn has made no comment as of yet, but hopefully, they can patch their newest legend relatively soon. You can keep up with all known bugs in Apex Legends on Respawn’s official Trello board.

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