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The fourth annual The Smashies award show just wrapped up, ending the second day of Super Smash Con 2022.

The Smashies was a fun-filled hour of laughs, good memories, and music that had players from all games present come together to celebrate the ever-growing Smash community. Some of the best moments from the past few years were highlighted at The Smashies, including Cody “iBDW” Schwab’s anti-pop off, MkLeo and Sparg0’s nine-round Grand Finals at Smash World Tour, and even some epic Smash 64 plays.

Here are the results of The Smashies.

Most Improved Ultimate Player: Sparg0

Sparg0 started off as MkLeo’s shadow of sorts when he started practicing with the top player in Mexico. However, the teenage prodigy quickly rose up the ranks, often meeting MkLeo at the grand final of Smash majors all over North America.

Best Smash 64 Doubles Team: Josh Brody & Isai

Best Melee Comeback: Mang0

Mang0’s comeback in 2022 was huge, although not enough to land him in the top 10 of the MPGR. Despite how impressive that was, this award wasn’t for his comeback over the season; it was actually for his exciting moment against Zain. Despite initially stating that he wasn’t planning to go to Smash Con, Mang0 was able to step on stage and receive his award.

Best Melee Doubles Team: aMSa & Plup

Best Ultimate Combo: Glutonny 

Best Smash 64 Comeback: KD3

While the gameplay was entertaining, what truly got the crowd rolling was the low quality of the Smash 64 clips. The one that one, in fact, appeared to be a phone recording of a TikTok clip being played. Despite the lower quality streams for Smash 64, the community is just as passionate about the OG Smash game as they always have been.

Best Commentary Moment: EE

Most Improved Melee Player: Jmook

Presenters noted that it’s quite difficult to improve at a game like Melee, making this award something special. Melee has been around for more than 20 years now and is full of seasoned players who have competed for 10+ years. Despite these OG players and the Gods, Jmook was able to work his way up and show incredible improvement, even landing the third spot in the MPGR.

Best Ultimate Doubles Team: Scend & Lui$ 

Most Improved N64 Player: JPX

Best Smash 64 Combo: Afro

Afro might not have been able to show up to the Smashies this year, but he did take the award for Best Smash 64 Combo home over players like Prince, who recently won Evo’s Smash 64 Combo Contest.

Best Ultimate Comeback: MkLeo

Saltiest Smash Moment: Ikan

Best Melee Combo: Moky

Best Popoff: iBDW

iBDW’s anti pop-off against Hungrybox was a classic moment in Melee history; therefore, it only made sense to have Hungrybox present the award. As iBDW couldn’t show up due to his hurt wrist, Hungrybox joked that he would keep the award since iBDW had “stolen his moment” with his anti pop-off strat.

That wraps up the second day of Smash action at Super Smash Con 2022. Check out the full schedule here to see what tournaments and events are taking place over the weekend as the competition heats up.