Responses from Fortnite Competitive AMA - Upcoming Trios tournament
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On May 31, members of Epic Games held an AMA event on the Fortnite Competitive subreddit. The team at Epic answered questions from Redditors regarding the current state and future of Fortnite. The positive news mentioned during the event concerns a Trios tournament planned for after the World Cup Finals. On the other hand, they also stated there will be no field of view (FOV) slider or a separate loot pool for competitive play.

As promised, Epic Games continues to communicate with the community and seek feedback. Not all of their responses were what competitive players sought, but Epic made it clear that no one segment of players would be specially catered to.

What to know

The Epic team explained their thoughts and plans for various segments of competitive Fortnite. The group answering questions came from various divisions: Design, Competitive Design, Spectating and Broadcasting, Competitive Operations, Competitive Analytics, and Community. Take a look at some of what Epic Games said:

  • The loot pool will remain the same for competitions
  • Arena mode rework: Seasonal leaderboards, consistent (non-prized) tournaments, and rewards
  • They’re working on the ability to turn off pre-edits for building
  • No, there will be no FOV slider
  • They’re looking at solutions for the shotgun pullout delay
  • Boom bow adjustments coming in the 9.20 update
  • Trio tournament with a prize pool is on the way
  • Tournaments are coming for console and mobile players, but they’re not expected to be a focus
  • Epic is preparing broadcasts with multiple streams with different viewpoints
  • Improvements to private matching incoming

Additionally, the team touched on other items. The above are just the most relevant to the competitive community. A few other topics Epic Games discussed are the constant efforts towards improving the spectating system, a possibility of disabling vehicles after certain zones, and an upcoming Solid Gold LTM tournament. Epic acknowledged other questions but provided no concrete answers worth reporting. Sadly, the Southeast Asian region left the AMA without answers regarding additional servers. Also, a few key questions remained unanswered.

The Fortnite community is not satisfied

After the AMA, the competitive community expressed their disapproval. The Epic Games team covered many topics, but some of the top comments went unanswered. The competitive players understandably want the competitions treated separately. Their questions centered around special treatment. For now, Epic views competitions and public matches similarly. A few specific aspects are different, but the company wants the game to remain the same at the core.

With over 2,000 comments, not all questions could be answered. Luckily, Epic Games continues to improve its communication. Even so, some players took exception to the new comments. More communication and feedback should hopefully provide an opportunity to address and fix these concerns. Hopefully, the developer will quell the uneasiness before players decide to leave this game behind.

Will Epic Games address these concerns? What responses excited you the most? Let us know in the comments, and keep up with all the latest Fortnite news and content at Daily Esports!