Respawn teases new legend Revenant for Apex Legends
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Apex Legends level designer Alex Graner recently posted some interesting screencaps on Twitter, showing off the work behind Octane’s Gauntlet. Fans were quick to notice a particular detail in the background of one of the pictures. A mysterious banner shows a hooded simulacrum with no name or other information displayed.

From previous leaks we know this is the early concept artwork of upcoming legend Revenant. As you can see in the close-up below, some of their features are also similar to those of Nomad, who is another leaked legend. In either case, this is almost certainly Respawn’s cheeky way of teasing the next legend release. While Graner could have theoretically included the image by accident, it’s very unlikely. The timing is just too perfect. Revenant has been powering the rumor mill for a week now, due to their participation in the upcoming Apex Legends Fight or Fright event.

Apex Legends revenant teaser blurry

When will Revenant be released?

Dataminers have been releasing various bits of information about the shadowy legend since March. At this point, we may actually know too much. There are multiple designs and complete skill sets leaked. The most recent and perhaps blurriest leak available shows a lean, ninja-esque set of abilities. Like leaked legends Rosie and previously Crypto, Apex Legends‘ Revenant data has even been leaked under an alternative name — Blackout.

All of this by no means indicates that Respawn will release Revenant any time soon, however. After all, the studio had been teasing Crypto since launch and they just recently released him. While they are almost certainly already playtesting Revenant in their internal build of Apex Legends, Respawn will most likely keep the skeletal simulacrum there for a while. The studio’s year one road map shows a single legend release per season, and they have so far stuck with that schedule.

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