Respawn is already teasing a new Apex Legends weapon
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In typical Respawn fashion, the studio has recently been dropping big, visible hints about upcoming Apex Legends content. When Season 3 began and Crypto joined the Apex Games, players were quick to spot some new hardware. Crypto’s Drone Scan finisher shows him executing a dummy equipped with a weapon that is not Apex Legends yet. This is similar to how Respawn first teased the Charge Rifle – they quietly uploaded an image of it on Artstation months before adding the actual gun to Apex Legends.

It’s a no-brainer that the next new Apex Legends weapon will not be new at all. There are many Titanfall weapons that Apex players would love to get their hands on, and the assets are readily available for Respawn to import to the battle royale. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the Titanfall weapons that Respawn has teased for Apex Legends so far.

Apex Legends new weapon Valkyrie sniper rifle Titanfall

Valkyrie sniper rifle

The mysterious weapon in the Drone Scan finisher is most likely the Valkyrie from Titanfall Online. It has a similar sleek design, a small magazine consistent with a DMR, and it’s also a bolt-action weapon. The obvious downside to the Valkyrie is that Apex players are arguably sick of sniper rifles. The game currently has five dedicated sniper weapons, more than any other weapon class.

Apex Legends Cold War Titanfall

EM-4 Cold War

Players have identified another new Apex Legends weapon possibly teased by Respawn. The True Warrior loading screen shows Mirage handling what may or may not be Titanfall‘s EM-4 Cold War. The gun in the image is obscured, but it resembles the Cold War grenade launcher’s signature look more than any other weapon. If this weapon comes to Apex Legends, it will be the battle royale’s first explosive ammo gun. This would line up nicely with the four-month-old leak about explosive ammo coming to the game.

Apex Legends EPG-1 Titanfall

EPG-1 grenade launcher

There is another grenade launcher that might eventually make the jump from Titanfall to Apex Legends. This “teaser” is more speculative than the Cold War, because it’s based on pre-release concept art for the game. Specifically, this image of early art concepts, which has a badge with the EPG-1 grenade launcher on it. Many of these badges are not currently in Apex Legends, or have an updated look. This early badge shows the EPG-1 was considered for the game’s arsenal at one point.

C.A.R. smg apexlegends titanfall


Respawn has not yet teased the C.A.R. SMG, but every time a blurry weapon image leaks, players see the C.A.R. in it. The iconic weapon is a must-have for many players. Its assets were data-mined in the game early on, but these have since been removed from the files. Our personal hope for the next new Apex Legends weapon is that it would be something completely new and not a Titanfall throwback. But if the C.A.R. makes a triumphant return, we certainly won’t complain either.

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