Respawn announces pre-season Apex Legends content, addresses leaks
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Earlier today, Respawn community manager Jay Frechette addressed the leaks of the two Apex Legends Season 2 launch trailers. His statement on Reddit said, “Originally we planned to release the CG trailer today, and gameplay trailer would follow tomorrow. That didn’t work out! Given that they leaked, we decided to release both the CG and gameplay trailers for Season 2 today.”

“Leaks are always super frustrating and we’re bummed it happened but on the bright side, we’re glad to see everyone excited for what we’ve got coming for Season 2.”

Frechette also announced some additional previews and content coming up. It seems we will get to see even more of Apex Legends Season 2 in the days leading up to it, assuming it doesn’t all leak tonight.

A preview of Challenges and Ranked League

On June 28, Respawn will release a Designer Blog post to explain the Daily and Weekly Challenges being introduced in next season. From previous announcements, we know they will be a part of the new Battle Pass progression system.

Another Designer Blog post will drop on July 1 to introduce Ranked mode. We know the Apex Legends ladder will have six tiers, from Bronze to Apex Predator. The blog will more than likely include information on the end-season rewards that players in each tier would get.

Another Apex Legends trailer?

“We aren’t done with the videos either,” Frechette said in the Reddit post. He suggested another preview, potentially coming out in the next couple of days. Given Respawn’s love for world-building, it’s possible this final trailer will serve as a cinematic introduction to the events of the season. Hopefully, it will hold more footage of Crypto as well.

Full patch notes will come out alongside the official Apex Legends Season 2 launch on July 2. Until then, stay tuned to Daily Esports for more Apex Legends news and content!