Respawn addresses state of Apex Legends, teases Season 2 content announcement
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Apex Legends executive producer Drew McCoy made an announcement today concerning the game’s current state and future. The statement touches on all of the game’s recent criticisms, from server issues and hacking to the content release schedule, which many players perceive as slow.

If you have been following Apex Legends since the release of Season 1 last month, you would know the game’s current woes fall in a couple of different categories. First and foremost, it is subject to rampant hacking and exploit abuse.

McCoy puts the blame on their own success. Respawn was not prepared for the meteoric success the game experienced at launch. A large player-base creates an instant market for hacks, and the studio has been combating them since launch. According to the statement, the issue is still a top priority for them and they are working hard on patching out exploits and dealing with cheaters.

Respawn is prioritizing the game's performance and stability.

To avoid giving hack-makers any advanced knowledge of their anti-cheat progress, McCoy noted that the studio will not be making frequent announcements about it. However, he vowed that Respawn will communicate more frequently on every other front. He promised “more transparency on future updates and fewer surprise drops.”

Performance above all

The second problem many players have with the game is its stability. Shortly after Respawn fixed the inexplicable crashes that plagued Apex at launch, players began to notice hit-registration issues.

It would seem that sometimes weapon projectiles will not damage targets, even though they have visibly connected on a player’s screen. Server slowdowns – causing players to move in slow motion at the start of a match – are also a problem for many.

Today’s announcement states that Respawn is aware of both issues and is working on reverse-engineering their causes in order to fix them. The studio states that fixing these issues is “extremely high priority” for them. More announcements and updates should come out over the next few weeks.

For the sake of Apex Legends’ long-term success, their team is focused primarily on stabilizing the game. That and the health of their employees take priority over frequent content updates, according to the announcement. That’s not to say more content isn’t on the horizon, however.

Apex Legends' Year 1 Roadmap
The Apex Legends Roadmap, showing regular content updates over the course of 2019.

Season 2 will have a better Battle Pass

Respawn is staying on track with the Apex Legends Roadmap they released at launch. That means Season 2 should begin at some point in June. Today’s announcement teased a few interesting details about it.

McCoy affirmed that their content release method puts quality over quantity. Still, Respawn is taking into consideration the feedback players have given about the Season 1 Battle Pass. The next Battle Pass should have “more meaningful content,” a new Legend, a new gun, and “something new for the meta.”

The announcement also hinted at some big changes coming to Kings Canyon. Perhaps some recent theories will be confirmed?

Respawn will announce the first details of the Apex Legends Season 2 at EA PLAY 2019, which takes place June 7 to June 9.