Reports: Andbox rebrand to NYXL, invest into the NYC gaming community
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According to reports from Dexerto, esports organization Andbox have rebranded as NYXL, the same name as the shorthand for their Overwatch League team, the New York Excelsior. While their Call of Duty League team, the New York Subliners, won’t change their name, their VALORANT team will now compete as the NY Fury.

Along with the rebrand, the organization is investing in the NYC gaming community over the next 12 months with a reported “seven-figure” sum. Part of this money will go toward the construction of the XLHQ, the company’s Manhattan headquarters.

“Our team is dedicated to building New York’s esports programs, discovering new creators, and creating new content and entertainment that will showcase our home city,” NYXL CCO Mitchell Smith told Dexerto. “We see NYXL and esports as an important step in growing New York’s economy and we are excited to build this sector and create large-scale events that bring people from around the world into the City.

Additionally, local rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie has joined the organization, though there are no details about his involvement at this time.

After operating as Andbox for most of their ventures outside of New York, their Twitter account started to hint on March 20 at a big reveal planned for Wednesday. They changed their Twitter handle from its original name, “andbox_official,” to “NYXL.”

At the same time, the Overwatch League team, which previously used that handle, changed their name from “NYXL” to “NYExcelsior,” hinting at the change a little earlier on. Both the Overwatch team and Call of Duty team hid their logo, counting down the days to the reveal.

However, before their accounts announced the change officially, Dexerto confirmed the reveal early on Twitter.

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