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It seems like only yesterday that the Steel Rebellion expansion came out for Shadowverse. However, a brand new expansion has been announced, and it looks to satisfy new players and veterans alike. Rebirth of Glory is set to release at the end of June. A total 97 new cards will be added, including two brand new leader cards. In addition, another mini-expansion will occur within it, adding 17 new cards. They will all be gold or legendary, two for each class (excluding a legendary for the Neutral class).

Rebirth of Glory promises to resurrect old heroes from past sets. Some cards have already been revealed such as Albert, Levin Champion.
Albert, Levin Champion | Shadowverse expansion - Rebirth of Glory

  • Storm.
  • Fanfare: Enhance (9) – Randomly put different Levin followers (excluding Albert, Levin Champion) from your deck into play until your area is full.
  • Strike: Whenever this follower attacks, gain +1/+0 if another allied Levin card is in play.

The classic Swordcraft storm finisher is back and looks fantastic. He does necessitate building around, but that’s nothing new for Swordcraft decks (looking at you Arthur, Knight King). Strike looks to be a brand new keyword. “On attack” effects are nothing new in the game, but having it as a keyword looks to be a nice quality-of-life change for players. It also opens the door for interactions that reflect directly on the keyword, so it’ll be fun to see what Cygames does with it.

Another new card is Hades, Father of Purgatory.

Hades, Father of Purgatory | Shadowverse expansion - Rebirth of Glory

  • Accelerate (6): Deal 3 damage to all followers. Summon a Path to Purgatory. Put a 7 play point Hades, Father of Purgatory (without Accelerate) into your deck.
  • Last Words: Summon a Path to Purgatory. Gain 6 shadows.

Unlike with the original PtP, Hades is no longer a Neutral card that can be splashed as a finisher into every deck. He does, however, feel right at home in Shadowcraft. Getting a ton of shadows isn’t a hard thing to do, and having a conditional PtP back in rotation is going to be a blast.

The last new card that’s been revealed for the set is Ginger, Accursed Word.

Ginger, Accursed Word | Shadowverse expansion - Rebirth of Glory

  • Fanfare: Put a Ginger’s Curse into your hand. During your turn, whenever an allied follower evolves, subtract 1 from the cost of this card.

Worldwielder Ginger is back, but at this point it’s a bit difficult to judge the power level of her. Until we know what Ginger’s Curse does, it’s all really conjecture. What we do know is she works well with the Neutral evolve package currently in rotation, featuring Hnikar, Warring Thunder and Jafnhar, Warring Flame.


Overall, I’d say it’s safe to say that Rebirth of Glory is looking to be a sweet set. We’re definitely interested in seeing what other cards get revealed, but so far it looks to be an excellent callback to older sets. We might even see some powerful reprints of older cards, maybe even the original gods!

What cards do you want to see featured as retrains? Is there a favorite card from an old set like Tempest of the Gods you’d like to see reprinted into rotation? Let us know down in the comments below!