Realm Royale's newest update adds fighting chickens to the game
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The OB21 update just dropped in Realm Royale to introduce a slew of balance and map changes. More importantly, it has weaponized the game’s chickens.

Angry birds

Update OB21 – aptly named “Chicken Attack” – finally brings along a change no player ever asked for: chicken attack abilities. In Realm Royale, when a player is downed, they don’t just die. Instead, they animorph into a cartoonish chicken. They then have to outrun their opponent until a timer goes off and they turn back into their humanoid form.

The new update adds a new dimension of crazy to this formula. Chickened players will now have the ability to peck for low damage, as well as double-jump. They also have a charge-like movement ability that deals damage to enemy players they collide with.

The community response to these changes has been positive so far. Only time will tell if this change will have any meaningful impact on the game’s meta.

Now this is a chicken royale from RealmRoyale

Map and weapon changes

The OB21 patch notes detail a number of other, less flamboyant changes. First off, players can create and join custom lobbies. This mode will support between 24 and 80 players per lobby, and players can drop in teams of three – another first for Realm Royale.

The map has received to a “small environmental cleanup and detail pass.” The Lost Forge compound has been heavily redesigned, too. This marks the first major change to the Realm Royale map since the Guntown update in OB20.

The Throwing Axes weapon has received some balance tweaks, as has – once again – the Gatekeeper chaingun. The Barricade ability now blocks less damage but is on a lower cooldown, making it more flexible. Conversely, the Ice Block and Ghost Walk abilities have lost some utility, as players can no longer cancel them early.

Realm Royale cosmetics OB21

Finally, a number of talents and runes have received adjustments. The Concussed talent allows Concussion Grenades to apply self-knockback for some additional mobility, albeit at the cost of 200 health damage. Most chicken-specific runes have been tuned to make up for the additional power introduced by the update. OB21 also introduces the brand new Chicken 1UP! rune, which adds an extra chicken life to the default three.

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