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Hi-Rez is continuing their crusade to bring Realm Royale to all platforms in all its glory. While the battle royale already supports partial cross-play, PS4 players were left behind the curve until now. Starting with the OB22 update, they will be able to queue up with their friends across all consoles and PC.

Cross-play achieved

The update arrives in early October and it will completely bridge the Realm Royale cross-play gap. For console-users concerned about playing against PC players, the update will also add the option to queue based on input device. Players who use a controller will be able to lock their match-making to only controller-player lobbies. Conversely, players using a mouse and keyboard – or parties with at least one such player – will queue with all players and parties regardless of input device.

Realm Royale ob22

While cross-play will be fully implemented, cross-progression is still in the works. Realm Royale players with accounts on separate consoles and PC don’t share their purchased cosmetics between accounts. Their achievements and trophies and other account-specific progression metrics are also kept separate for each account. Hi-Rez is “working alongside [their] partners at Sony” to change that. More information on the matter should be coming soon.

Three abilities

Improvements to Realm Royale cross-play are not the only change coming with OB22. Core gameplay is about to undergo a big change: the update will add a third ability slot. This is bound to shake up the meta, or at least reverse it to something more similar to Realm Royale at launch.

Players who want to test the changes early can hop on the Steam PTS right now. OB22 arrives in early October to bring the Realm Royale cross-play improvements and ability changes. As usual it will be packed with bug fixes, balance changes and quality of life improvements. It will also kick-start the game’s new battle pass.

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