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Razer has been doing a lot to help the COVID-19 pandemic. From revamping their factory to produce masks to providing funding to companies. Now they are taking it a step further. Today at CES, Razer announced Project Hazel, the world’s smartest face mask.

Project Hazel face mask

Razer’s solution to most problems is to make it better. Take the Razer Kraken and turn it into the Razer Kraken Ultimate. Take the Razer BlackWidow and turn it into the BlackWidow Pro. Now it looks like Razer has taken their popular face masks and transformed them into the ultimate, pro, smart face mask.

Unlike the cloth masks, Project Hazel is innovated on top of the N95 medical-grade mask. Project Hazel is equipped with detachable and rechargeable active ventilators and Smart Pods. These regulate airflow and provide optimal breathability. According to Razer, the Smart Pods filter out at least 95% of airborne particles and have a high fluid resistance. This is known as high bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE).

Make it more social in a physically distant world

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been called to stay physically further away. Six feet, or 1.5-2m, distance is the recommended distance. Add this to the fact many countries require (or at least recommend) the use of face masks. Both these elements make it more difficult to interact and socialize with our fellow gamers. Razer seems to have provided a solution to this problem with Project Hazel’s clear, transparent design.

Transparent design on the masks means you can still read facial expressions from those around you (Image: Supplied)

The idea is you can still converse with those around you and pick up social cues like smiling and lip reading. If that wasn’t enough for you, there’s even a light inside the mask. Now when you’re in the dark, you’ll be able to interact and read each other’s facial expressions.

Amplify your voice

We thought having a light inside the mask was enough, but Razer didn’t stop there. Project Hazel comes with Razer’s VoiceAmp technology. This is a built in microphone to amplify the wear’s speech even while being 1.5 meters apart.

Furthermore, Razer has shown their commitment to the environment, especially with the Sneki Snek campaign. These new smart masks are made from replaceable and rechargeable ventilators that can be sanitized. The sanitation happens inside a purpose built fast charging, disinfecting UV-light box. This helps reduce the use of disposable masks creating less waste.

The Project Hazel box charges and disinfects the masks (Image: Supplied)

Project Hazel also comes with Razer’s characteristic Chroma lighting. The masks are lined with silicon and are adjustable for a one size fits all.

There’s no information yet on when Project Hazel will be released. Check out the Razer website for more info on the world’s smartest face mask.

Also check out Project Brooklyn, which was also announced at CES.

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