Razer Customs: Chatting with Razer's Product Evangelist about personalizing your setup
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Everyone wants customized products these days. Custom graphics, personal trainers, design your own Fortnite avatar. So why wouldn’t you want to customize your peripherals too? That’s exactly what Razer’s been doing. Razer Customs: Create has been around for just under a year now, and it gives gamers a chance to customize their mouse mats and phone cases. The new Razer Gigantus V2 mouse mat that was released earlier this year offers a huge amount of customization. We caught up with Cheng Vjin, the Product Evangelist at Razer, to find out more about Razer Customs.

Razer Customs demand increases

As predicted, customization is becoming increasingly sought after. Vjin said the demand for personalization is increasing, whilst also showing off love for the Razer brand:

There is a demand for personalization and gamers aspiring to have their own unique one-of-a-kind gaming setup. A fan favorite would be the Team Razer designs, featuring our iconic logo.

The Razer logo has become loved by fans all around the world. Razer Customs allows you to have a customized product whilst rocking those cool snakes. Since the launch of the Razer Customs: Create series, gamers have been enthusiastic to design their own mouse mats and phone cases. It seems to be well received by the community as a whole, and bigger names are jumping on board too.

Gamers, influencers, and streamers want Razer Creates

Big influencers, streamers, and gamers especially enjoy having customized gear. They like to show off their own brand, whilst promoting their team. Vjin said many of the big names are using Razer Customs to create their own unique products:

We do get various requests to support our Razer influencer/esports partners on creating unique customized products. Our own Team Razer esports teams like AllianceEvil GeniusesMousesports also have their own unique designs available in Razer Customs.

Vjin explained that Razer is planning to expand its current offerings, so definitely keep an eye out if customization is your thing. You can also check out the designs for Alliance, Evil Geniuses, Mousesports.

Mouse mates and phone cases: What’s most popular?

Whilst phone cases are available through Razer Customs, Vjin explained Razer is mostly seeing gamers customize mouse mats. The Razer Gigantus V2 comes in four sizes, so there’s plenty of space to make your own fancy designs. It’s understandable then why mouse mats are the most enticing thing to customize. They are big and offer a lot of space for your imagination to run wild. Product Evangelist Vjin would agree, and he said it’s more than just being able to customize:

The reason why Razer Customs appeals to our fans is because of the ability to customize your own gaming mat … without compromising on top-notch gaming performance.

If you’re looking to get your own custom gaming mat or phone case, head over to Razer Custom: Creates. As Vjin said, there are more offerings coming soon. Unfortunately Razer Customs isn’t available in all regions yet. The team is working on providing the service in as many locations around the world as possible. Check the website to see if it’s available in your country and follow Razer for regular updates.

What do you want to customize? Let us know in the comments below or get involved in our new forums. Don’t forget we’re giving away a PlayStation 5 if you sign up and participate in any discussion thread.

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