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The Latin American League has crowned Rainbow7 as the champions of the LLA, and has secured a spot in the 2020 World Championship. The Mexico-based team faced off against top team All Knights. In a shocking reverse sweep, R7 proved their worth as they crushed AK in the last three matches.

Fans of both teams did not expect for R7 to beat AK 3-2, then heading off to Worlds. All Knights have a history of victories and great matches, so it surprised casters and fans to see R7 win. The matches began 0-2, as AK won two dragons and eight towers. R7 had a tough time coming back from that match, which transcended through the second game.

AK then continued the momentum, acing R7 towards the end of the game, and pushing through their base. With another leg up on objectives and kills, R7 might have thought this was the end of their 2020 LLA journey.

Although R7 earned 2 dragons before the 15-minute mark, R7 had a better team fight. It seemed like AK had the lead and was going to count this game as their victory, reaching R7’s two towers protecting the Nexus. Unlucky for them, R7 reversed swept them, pushing into a few successful team fights that eventually led to their victory.

Rainbow7 reverse sweeping for victory

After that, R7 found success in the following games. R7 jungler Brandon Joel “Josedeodo” Villega played as Lillia, ending the game with a 9-0-9 score. Additionally, their support Facundo “Shadow” Cuello as Nautilus initiated quick team fights with strong and accurate hooks. Overall, the team gave the audience a performance to remember.

One of North America’s top teams, Cloud9, even congratulated AK on winning before the third game. They assumed that R7 couldn’t come back from a 0-2.


Finally, R7 celebrated their win with plenty of hugs, tears, and champagne. They are going to Worlds representing Latin America, starting in the Play-In stage beginning September 25.

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