Rainbow7 defeat Isurus, now tied with top two LLA teams
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Rainbow7 is victorious for the second time this weekend after defeating 2019 MSI participants Isurus. In an almost 60-minute game, both teams played a tug-of-war for victory. R7 is now part of the top three teams for the last few weeks of the LLA Opening Season.

In a thrilling game between R7 and Isurus (ISG), R7 led the way in a huge stomp to victory. Unfortunately for ISG, that brought them down to fourth place in the current LLA standings. This game ended with R7 carrying 17 kills, 4 drakes, and almost 10o,000 in gold.

Their carrying ADC, Renato “Renyu” Gallegos Muñoz, played as Miss Fortune with a final KDA of 8/2/6. As Renyu took control over plenty of team fights, ISG had a tough time fighting back to complete objectives and gain some kills.

As both teams fought aggressively, ISG mistakenly went for the Baron towards the end. At the same time, R7 approached them with an intent to steal, eventually squaring up with the enemy. Ultimately, ISG lost the team fight, giving up the Baron they had earned. R7 took advantage of this opportunity to push toward the Nexus and claim victory.

Upcoming weekend

Next weekend, R7 is scheduled to play against bottom-tier Azules Esports. Even if Azules were to win this game, they would still be stuck in the bottom of the standings along with XTEN Esports and Furious Gaming. Unless they outperform R7, not much will change for the lower half of the list. Similarly, ISG will be facing off with the number one team All Knights, who currently sit at 8 wins and 2 losses.

The top 3 teams at the moment are currently R7, Gillette Infinity Esports, and All Knights. They are all tied at 8 wins and 2 losses.

At the moment, R7 seems pretty confident about their future games, teasing All Knights on their most recent Twitter post. They shared the victory with all of their fans excitedly, while also teasing ISG. “We had control at the beginning of the game, but mistakes and bad positioning cost us to lengthen it a lot with a bitter end.”

Viewers can catch the rest of the LLA Opening Season on the official lolesports website. Stick around with Daily Esports for more League of Legends updates!