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Toxic online behavior is as old as online gaming itself. Whether it’s intended to “gain an edge” in competition or simply a result of impulses, gaming toxicity is a major problem. Players deserve the right to log into an online game and be free of harassment and bigotry. Game companies have been starting to address this issue and take action. Ubisoft, for one, has been taking measures in order to try and mitigate toxicity in Rainbow Six Siege.

Previously, RSS had an automatic ban feature for inappropriate language. In a recent blog post, Ubisoft stated that, while this feature was effective at mitigating toxic behavior, it was also intrusive to other players’ gameplay. Players not engaging in inappropriate activity found themselves affected by the ban feature, which was not intended by the game devs. As a result of this, Ubisoft is evolving their system.

The previous automatic ban system for Rainbow Six Siege deemed too “intrusive” to other well-behaved players

New toxic chat screening for Rainbow Six Siege

The new toxic chat system aims to improve the gaming experience for all players — including those who behave appropriately. The objective of this new system is to “encourage players to be vigilant with the language they are using without immediately disrupting other players” and has already been implemented.

Ubisoft states that they want to bring a feedback system to their players that is more transparent and, once again, less disruptive. This new system not only provides direct feedback to players who are behaving inappropriately but also allows for Rainbow Six Siege to take necessary punitive action against offending players.

Players who use inappropriate language now receive a private message:

The following message was not sent and will be reviewed for inappropriate conduct:*word used*

This message is not broadcast across the match, but rather privately sent to only the offending player. Ubisoft states that staff-reviewed temporary and permanent bans will go on in the same fashion that they have for the past several years.

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