Rainbow Six Canada Nationals 2019 day 1: Team Canada strikes
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The Rainbow Six Canada Nationals have been the stomping grounds for the northern aspiring amateur Siege player. The Canada Nationals are a national circuit initiative sponsored by Ubisoft. After two stages of an eight-team single-elimination bracket online, the finals are held offline. This time around, the finals are being played during the Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo (EGLX). Historically, all-star national squad “Team Canada” have consistently maintained their northern throne.

Nationals consist of four teams that qualified from the previous stages. The semi-finals were played on Saturday, Oct. 19. This opened up more opportunities for amateur teams to get some main-stage experience in front of a crowd. The teams and bracket were as follows:

  • Team Canada
  • PsykoPaths Gaming
  • Thread the Needle
  • yes
Rainbow Six Canada Nationals
Credit: Liquidpedia

Upper half

The first match of the tournament saw longtime northern gamekeepers Team Canada facing off against Thread the Needle. Both teams initially qualified in the first stage of the national circuit. Due to their respective first and second seeding, Thread the Needle found themselves in an underdog situation. Unfortunately for the hopefuls, Team Canada’s roster consists of pros such as Jarvis and Bryan.
The first series was a quick match, potentially the fastest of the weekend. Thread the Needle were severely outgunned, outplayed, and outmatched. The first map Clubhouse was a fast 7 – 3 in favor of Team Canada. The second and final map Bank was even more punishing. Thread the Needle only managed to put up one round on the board. Team Canada dealt a swift 7 – 1 to sit and wait for their new challenger.

Lower half

The second match of the day could not be more different than the previous one. PsykoPaths Gaming faced off in the first seed against second seed “yes.” While yes’s name is humorous, their composure was not. Both maps went the distance with the second one going full overtime.

The first map Consulate was a constant back and forth, with yes narrowly avoiding being pushed to overtime. The scoreline was 7 – 5 in favor of yes. Despite the loss, PsykoPaths Gaming maintained their energy to keep trading blows in the second map, Border. Following a whiff on the side of yes, PsykoPaths Gaming were actually in a position to close out overtime. However, yes maintained their composure to close out the map 8 – 7 and clinch a spot in the finals.

The Rainbow Six Canada Nationals concludes today, Sunday, Oct. 20. Will Team Canada maintain the status quo? Or will a David and Goliath story come true with yes?

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