Rain signed to the Los Angeles Valiant - Upcomer
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Teams changing color isn’t the only thing happening in Overwatch League. The Los Angeles Valiant have signed support player Jae-ho “RaiN” Park, formerly of the Florida Mayhem.

Second chance for Rain

Rain was a player that got signed halfway through the season to the Florida Mayhem, getting some playing time but not a lot. His skills on Lucio, Mercy, and Ana were overshadowed by those of his teammates. Playing for such a mediocre team didn’t help his numbers, as he did show potential back in Korean Contenders. Playing for O2 Blast, their second place finish to RunAway was a great run that caught the eyes of many teams overseas. Florida was one, but he never really proved that he deserved the starting spot in the chances he got. Standing out on a team like Florida was hard to do though, and that led to their poor performance in their second season.

With the Los Angeles Valiant, Rain will have another chance.

Rain, when he played for O2 Ardeont in Korea

How does this work for the Los Angeles Valiant?

Fans of the Valiant know that they are going for a cheap roster this year, wanting to be the underdogs. In this time, they have signed two relatively unknown support players to their team before Rain. Both Jung-won “Lastro” Mun and Owen “Slur” Warner have been acquired after spending a lot of time in Contenders with mixed success. However, signing Rain to the team at least adds a little bit of experience in the league without going for big money players. Having him as a third support means that he still needs to prove himself in the league.

It also seems like if he were to start, he would get paired with fellow Korean player Lastro. If so, he should be able to communicate well with his other support player and manage on a good but underrated and unproven team.

Now we just need to see if this new Los Angeles Valiant roster can prove itself to be at the Overwatch League level. Either way, the Valiant are clearly looking to make upsets in 2020, and with signings like these, it might lead to them.

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