Radiance beat UCI Esports to win BIG League finals and NA semi-pro title
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While professional League of Legends was on a break before the Mid-Season Invitational, the semi-pro scene saw the biggest event since the death of Challenger. The Bloody Invitational Gaming League (BIG League) showcased the best that North American collegiate and semi-pro had to offer live in Los Angeles, California. Professional players, streamers, and most importantly the two best teams in NA semi-pro gathered for the event this past Saturday, with five thousand dollars up for grabs. The event saw the reigning collegiate champions, University of California-Irvine, and the best team in amateur, Radiance, go head to head.

Radiance beat UCI Esports to win BIG League Finals and NA semi-pro title
Radiance prepare for their match, with Damonte and Inero speaking in the audience.

Radiance, founded in February by a group of industry veterans and led by former Cloud9 mid laner Hai Lam, were the odds-on favorite going in. They dominated the league up to that point, but UCI were on a massive hot streak with the return of star ADC Jung “Youngbin” Young-bin. With collegiate and amateur reigniting the rivalry ahead of the Collegiate Championships, this would be the event to showcase up-and-coming NA talent.

Radiance beat UCI Esports to win BIG League Finals and NA semi-pro title
The BIG League Trophy before the big match.

When the teams hit the Rift, it was appropriately bloody throughout. The star of the BIG League finals was the young mid laner known as the “Best Katarina NA.” Jackson “KatEvolved” Dohan was named MVP of the series for three spectacular carry performances, leading Radiance to a 3-0 sweep of the collegiate champions. Hai’s new organization claimed their first league final, starting extremely strong towards what may be an eventual LCS push. With tournaments like the BIG League finals emerging in North America, the level of talent and the development thereof look bright for the future.

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