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Queen of the Highway is yet another side quest in the Panam Palmer line in Cyberpunk 2077. Taking place shortly after the events of ‘With a Little Help from My Friends,’ this is where players can finally romance Panam. Of course, you need to be the male version of V and make the correct dialogue choices in previous quests. However, if you’ve done everything right, then you’ll finally take your relationship with the nomad to the next level. Here’s how to complete Queen of the Highway and romance Panam in Cyberpunk 2077.

How to complete Queen of Highway in Cyberpunk 2077

To start this side quest, you’ll need to wait for a call from Panam. She’ll ring you up around 12:00 in-game after you complete With a Little Help from My Friends. You can either choose to tackle other jobs or skip time and get to the quest immediately. Either way, Panam says that the Basilisk is ready to be driven and asks you to come to the Aldecaldo to drive it.

queen of the highway cyberpunk 2077
Image via CDPR

Make your way to the desert and hop into the Basilisk with Panam. She’ll give you a tour of how it works and how to control its movement and weaponry. However, after the tutorial for the flying tank is over, things start to heat up.

When prompted, you can choose to have Panam touch you using the neural capabilities of the Basilisk. If you don’t want this, choose any other option. Although, most players will choose the romantic option and this will lead to some intimate moments with her in the passenger seat.

Unfortunately, during this romance session, a horde of Raffens show up outside of the Basilisk and start shooting. Simply shoot back at the enemies and then make your way back to the Aldecaldo camp and take out all 28 enemies.

queen of the highway cyberpunk 2077
Image via CDPR

Once every enemy is eliminated, Saul will tell Panam that she’s been promoted to co-lead the Aldecaldos. To celebrate, she takes you to the bar where you can talk about what happened in the tank and your future with her. However, your biochip malfunctions in the middle of the conversation and causes you to pass out.

Upon waking up, you can choose to tell Panam about the biochip and Johnny Silverhand. Filling her in makes her an ally for the rest of the main story, so it’s wise to keep her in the loop. After talking to her and following her out of camp, you can choose to end the conversation with a kiss or with a plain response.

queen of the highway cyberpunk 2077
Image via CDPR

After that, the quest is over and Queen of the Highway is complete. Make sure to stay tuned to Daily Esports for more Cyberpunk 2077 guides and news.

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