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Earlier today, we learned that the former mid-lane trainee, Song “Quad” Su-Hyeong, will be competing alongside the DragonX main roster in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK). Quad will be starting in place of Choi “Doran” Hyeon-Joon, the top lane player for DragonX in their first LCK match on Feb. 7.

Possibly the best Cassiopeia in the world

Quad joined DragonX (at the time, Kingzone DragonX) in December of 2018 as one of the trainees of the organization. Quad is best known for his incredible performances on the League of Legends champion, Cassiopeia. According to Nick “LS” De Cesare, Quad at one point had a win rate of over 70% in Challenger on the Korean solo queue ladder. Quad got signed to the DragonX roster for his performance on the champion. However, he has trained a lot to expand his champion pool to prepare himself for his competitive play debut.

Lane swap options for DragonX

While Quad is officially on the roster as the substitute mid lane player, he will be taking the spot of Doran in his first competitive debut next month. We don’t know yet which roles Quad and Jeong “Chovy” Ji-Hoon will be playing in their match against KT Rolster. Throughout the off-season, Chovy has put a massive amount of practice time into more tank-role champions, such as Ornn. Unlike before, more different player combinations will be possible to fit the skill set the team needs to succeed.

It is going to be very exciting to see how much Quad has grown, now that he has spent two years learning with the DragonX organization. It is highly unlikely that any team will allow Quad to play his signature Cassiopeia in the first few matches he will be on the LCK stage. However, it is likely we will get to see him show off his skill at some point in the upcoming split.

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