Puma x Cloud9 will release women-focused apparel line
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For the third time in Cloud9’s history, they will be partnering with sportswear brand Puma for another apparel line. This new line will be primarily focused on their female customers. The new range of clothing items will be available on both Puma and C9’s website on March 12.

The third Puma x Cloud9 line will feature 22 new items for both men and women. These will include leggings, shorts, hoodies, shirts, and more. The focus on a more female-oriented line is a first for the North American team, as their previous lines were leaning towards a more unisex look. Additionally, the new collection advertises more affordable prices compared to their previous lines, with prices ranging from $14 to $90. Take a look in this video clip:

Not their first time collaborating

Puma has been collaborating with Cloud9 for some time now since they announced their partnership in 2019. Their most recent release named “Puma x C9 Pro Kit” included a range of items featuring C9’s new jerseys. This collection featured only eight pieces — less than half of the size of their new collection.

C9 had also teased the collection, showing their followers a sneak peek on their new blue and white windbreaker, leggings, and bag. The products listed for their release show off bright blue hues, a color that C9 has always been known for. Along with their regular items of clothing, they are also selling varsity shorts, perfect for anyone looking to cool off in the summer.

Esports caster Bil “Jump” Carter also teased the collection on Twitter. He is seen sporting the same shirt advertised on the Cloud9 account, along with a black version of their new windbreaker.

Take a look at some of the collection dropping very soon. Anyone can purchase these pieces on the official Cloud9 website:

Puma x c9
Puma x Cloud9
Puma x Cloud9
Puma x Cloud9