PUBG 1.0 on Xbox One will launch September 4 with brand-new exclusive content - Upcomer
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After nine months of development, Xbox One PUBG players can expect the full product release on September 4!

The announcement of the new update appeared on PUBG‘s official Twitter page and the official website earlier today.

Update 1.0 for Xbox One has been on PUBG‘s checklist for several months, and finally, the Xbox community can feel further involved with the development alongside the PC updates.

However, future updates for PUBG will be added to the PC version before the Xbox One due to the fact that the PC fanbase is of much larger scale and priority.

Simultaneous updates for both platforms are not yet a priority; therefore, Xbox One players can expect to be 1-2 updates behind PC until further notice. However, Xbox and PC players can still expect frequent bug fixes and event mode features in-between major update releases.

What’s new for Xbox One?

On the launch date, Xbox One players can find brand new content, a new outfit exclusively available to Xbox One players, and a collection of bug fixes to further improve the game’s performance.

New map: Sanhok

Incited by the islands of Southeast Asia, Sanhok is a 4×4 map, which was introduced to the PC update several months ago. It is a fan favourite, and Xbox players can soon enjoy what the map has to offer.

Along with the new map, PUBG also introduces all-new weapons and vehicles for all available maps.

In addition to this, the limited-time Event Pass for Sanhok will be launched in Update 1.0, in which players can earn permanent rewards through missions and leveling up. However, as this is a limited-time pass, players will only have access to the leveling up feature for a certain amount of days. Fans are still awaiting the decision as to whether leveling up and missions should be a full-game feature for both platforms; I certainly hope so!

New event mode

War Mode is a deathmatch-style game mode where players fight each other in a small, static zone.

Teams can gain points for knockdowns, kills, and for reviving teammates, and the team that reaches the points goal, or has the highest points when the match timer ends, wins the battle.

Gameplay achievements

Players can expect brand new achievements in Update 1.0.

In-game currency

In-game currency to purchase cosmetics are also being added to the game.

Exclusive outfit sets

Xbox One players can expect two brand new outfits to celebrate the full product release on September 4.

All current players from the game preview will still receive the Xbox #1.0 set, as well as any new players that purchase the game digitally. The outfit is a grey, yellow, and green tracksuit aimed to unite the traditional Xbox themes.

As for new players that purchase the new retail disc version, they will receive the Xbox #1.0/99 set, an exclusive line of urban clothing and accessories inspired by Xbox-themed colors.

And it doesn’t stop there for Xbox players! Announced yesterday: the brand new limited edition PUBG wireless controller. The controller comes equipped with rubberized padding on the left and right trigger, as well as an exclusive DLC-themed skin.

The controller will be available at major worldwide retailers from October 30 for $69.99 USD.

What are your thoughts on Xbox players receiving the new update? We’d love to hear from you!