PUBG Update 29: Vikendi rebalance, Tactical Map Markers, and more
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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Update 29 has now been released on the test servers. This update comes with new updates, map changes, as well as mainly rebalancing for the Vikendi map. With player feedback, the PUBG team has tweaked the map to make it more playable. They have also made other UI improvements.

UI Improvements and Visuals

Tactical Map Markers


A feature that originated from Apex Legends, and which Fortnite Battle Royale also quickly introduced, is the “ping-ing” system. PUBG has added a new feature named “Tactical Map Markers” which serves the same basic concept.

It features six different marker types for different situations. These include markers that are color-coded based on the player that marked it and symbols that describe what it marks. The marker types include Attack, Danger, Defend, Loot, Regroup, and Vehicle symbols.

  • To use the markers, open the world map and hold right click to reveal the Tactical Map Marker wheel, then move to the desired icon then release.
  • Each player can only place one Tactical Map Marker or Standard marker at a time.
  • Tactical Map Markers will be shown on the world map, minimap, and compass in the same way as the existing map markers.

Minimap Improvements


Teammates located outside your minimap will now have an arrow and their status shown at the edge. This way, players can accurately tell the direction of other teammates without expanding the minimap.

Flare Gun UI Improvement


This update also changed the Flare Gun crosshair display. It now shows a circle to display the end location, when trying to call in a Special Care package or Armored UAZ. This is similar to what players see when they are about to throw a grenade.

  • Adjusted the Flare Gun status UI displayed after calling in a Special Care Package or Armored UAZ.
  • The green flashing light is removed once the drop leaves the plane.
  • Previously, it would remain until the drop had been on the ground for 30 seconds.

Other UI/UX improvements also include store item previews, improvements to spectating to prevent unfair advantages, and the lobby screen.

Vikendi Map Rebalance

After feedback, the PUBG developers have made Vikendi into a more long-range map. This means increased long guns like snipers and the addition of the MK47 Mutant. Also, they will add new vehicles like 4-wheel drive vehicles along with snowbikes. The changes are detailed below.

Blue Zone Adjustments

To support a wider variety of gameplay experiences around Vikendi, the initial safe zone will now be placed in more varied locations and the waiting time between certain blue zone phases has been reduced.

  • Phase 1 safe zone now spawns in more varied locations.
  • Waiting time between early and late blue zone phases has been decreased slightly.
  • Overall match duration subsequently reduced by 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Vehicle Spawn Rate Adjustment

Vehicle spawn rate has received a change along with the blue zone adjustments mentioned before. This includes an increased four-wheel drive vehicle spawn.

Item Spawn Rate Adjustment

Weapon and item spawn rates have been adjusted to fit in with the new play style. To accommodate more medium and long-range plays, certain weapons now appear more. Others that are more suitable for short-range play have also been lessened. The same goes with attachments like a long-range sight and vice versa.

Adjustments to Item Spawns on Vikendi:

  • AR spawns increased by 1.4x
  • DMR spawns increased by 2x
  • SR spawns increased by 7x SMG
  • Shotgun and Pistol spawns have decreased slightly.
  • Attachment spawns have increased slightly.
  • High powered scope spawns have increased slightly.

Cave Balance Adjustment

The Cave on Vikendi is supposed to be a secret area. With the map area now well known and where many players drop, the loot will now be adjusted. This is to balance the map so that there is still good loot, without it having too overpowering of an advantage.

  • Care Packages will no longer spawn in the cave.
  • However, high-quality non-crate loot will still spawn in this location.
  • Increased variety of items spawned in the cave.

Item Pool Changes

  • Added MK47 Mutant, Halfgrip, Thumbgrip and Laser Sight.
  • Removed Win94 and R45.

Weather Changes

Increased Moonlight weather condition percentage.

Custom Match Changes

A big change with this update deals with Custom Matches. During custom matches, players used to have the option to change up certain values. These values altered item spawn rates, revive times, circle speed and damage, how quickly a game would progress, and more. Although there was a selection of certain game modes, there wasn’t much flexibility. Now, new additions will make certain game modes work better.

Spawn Kit Selection

In most games of the First-Person Shooter genre, players will spawn into a match with a certain class or outfit of weaponry. Now, PUBG players will also have a Spawn Kit option. Yes, players or their platoon can now play a different kit. This new selection is only for the War Mode, War Mode: Conquest, and Normal Mode in Custom Matches.

Spawn Kit Options

These are the Spawn Kits that we know of so far.

  • War Mode, War mode: Conquest
    • Original Kits
      • AR, Shotguns, SMG, Western, Overpower, Handguns
    • Utility Kits
      • War Mode Kits: There are 4 kits that include items based on each concept.
        • Assault: M416, R1895, Lvl 1 Helmet & Vest, Ammo, Bandages
        • Medic: UMP, Sawed-off, Lvl 3 Helmet & Vest, Ammo, First Aid Kit, Med kit, Painkiller, Adrenaline Syringe, Critical Response Kit
        • Support: S12K, Scorpion, Lvl 2 Helmet & Vest, Ammo, Grenade, Bandages, Mechanic’s Toolbox
        • Scout: Kar98K, P18C, Lvl 1 Helmet & Vest, Ghillie Suit, Ammo, Bandages
  • Battle Royale
    • Standard Kits
      • Handguns, Shotguns
    • Utility Kits
      • Battle Kit: Crossbow
      • Survival Kit: Adrenaline Syringe, Pan
      • Armor Kit: Lvl 1 Helmet & Vest
      • Support Kit: Critical Response Kit, Mechanic’s Toolbox

New Custom Match Items

Along with these options, the devs have added new items to Custom Matches. These can only be found in the Spawn Kits and are not in standard matches. This includes a Critical Response Kit and a Mechanic’s Toolbox.

Critical Response Kit – Having this Kit and reviving teammates as usual will get them up much faster than traditional reviving without the Kit.

Mechanic’s Toolbox – Using this toolbox in a vehicle will repair a certain amount of vehicle health.

More about this update can be found on the PUBG website. Want to keep up with all of the latest PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds news and content? Keep track on our PUBG page!

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