PUBG map Erangel finally getting a remaster, Blue Zone changes coming
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When PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds first released in 2017, the map of Erangel was at the forefront of the game. While more maps have since been released, a remastered version of Erangel has long been requested by fans. Compared to the likes of Vikendi, Sanhok, and Miramar, Erangel seemed outdated in terms of graphics and game improvements. A few months ago, developers finally confirmed that the iconic original PUBG map would go through a major update with Season 4.

Updated Erangel map

The news was officially released by PUBG’s development update video for June of 2019. PUBG Executive Producer TS Jang talks about the company’s vision for the game. With the video, he goes on to note that the Season 4 update will feature an Erangel remaster. The map will cover a rebalancing of loot and also polishing of graphics to the standard of recent maps.

Things like different building styles, higher attention to detail inside buildings, and more realistic scenery are included. Also, certain areas have new buildings or terrain to make gameplay better. As usual, the update will first be deployed to PUBG’s test servers for player testing. Only PUBG partners will be able to create custom matches between June 6 and 8. From June 8 to 11, both public and partner custom matches will be available so all players can participate.

PUBG Partners Phase 1

In the Season 4 development update post, a list of partners for each region was also posted. This includes a large list for North America, EMEA, and Latin America.

PUBG season 4 update: Erangel remaster, Blue Zone changes

PUBG season 4 update: Erangel remaster, Blue Zone changes

PUBG season 4 update: Erangel remaster, Blue Zone changes

Erangel Blue Zone changes

With the Erangel remaster, some of the Blue Zone settings have also been altered. However, the patch notes do describe the settings as “experimental” and subject to change. With the patch, the Blue Zone timings are faster throughout the match, but the delay is reduced at first. The size of the safe zone is reduced earlier on in the match as well. The Blue Zone speed is reduced in the early and middle stages, but damage is increased in later stages.

The updates will come to PC first with Xbox One and PS4 later on. Have you tried the latest Erangel map remaster? How did you like it?

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