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Equipment in PUBG plays a vital part in your survival out on the battlefield. Gear can be used in various scenarios, and this guide is for those who are unsure how to make the most of each item.

Medication and Boosting

The current healing equipment is: bandages, first aid kits, and medkits.


Bandages provide a small health recovery and are typically found in most buildings as a group of five. The bandage is mostly useful to top up your health throughout the game. However, the bandages will never replenish a full bar of health. You must use boosters to regain full health or use a med kit. We’ll get into that shortly.

First Aid Kit:

A must for all players is first aid kids. They will replenish your health to 75% instantly, from any taken damage. Just like the bandages, boosters must be used to regain a full bar of health. The typical player will hold three to four first aid kits (maybe more if playing squads) and will often be used when under a lot of fire.

Med Kit:

A true treasure for PUBG players is medkits! The medkit is actually a rare sight but can be found around the map, inside crates, or in other player’s loot. The medkit is much rarer than the other med equipment because it will supply a player 100% health without the need of boosters.


Boosting equipment is slightly different. The three types of boosters available at the time of writing this post are an energy drink, painkillers, and an adrenaline syringe.

Energy Drink:

The energy drink shares traits with the bandage as it is the least effective healer though it takes less space in your inventory. The energy drink, also known as HotBull, will activate the boost bar above the health bar to reach the 100% health mark. Drinking HotBull also gives a slight speed boost to increase the player’s running speed.


As for the painkillers, they share traits with the first aid kit as they are more effective but take more space in the inventory. A painkiller is more powerful than the energy drink as it will increase the boost bar by 60%, though taking painkillers will not give an extra boost like the HotBull. Finally there’s the Adrenaline Syringe, sharing traits with the medkit as they are both rare and will both provide 100% of health/boost bar progress. The syringe takes a big section of your inventory space which is ironic as the syringe is small.


As we’ve mentioned inventory space in the previous section, let’s talk about the backpacks. There are currently three tiers of backpacks which give the player more inventory capacity when equipped.

The level 1 backpack is the first tier and will add 150 capacity to your starting inventory. This will allow players to pick up the essentials such as guns, ammo and basic health and damage equipment. The level 2 backpack will add 200 capacity to your starting inventory and return any previous backpack of a lower level to the floor. The level 2 backpack also comes in two variations of colours: dark green and a lighter green with a yellow outline. The colours are not particularly a strategy but the lighter green could be useful for proning on Miramar, and the dark green for Sanhok and Erangel. And lastly, the level 3 backpack. The level 3 backpack is the highest tier of inventory management. The backpack adds a 250 capacity to the original inventory value. Also, just like the second-tier backpack, the level 3 backpack also comes in the two variations of colours, providing the same purpose.

Vests and Helmets (Armor Protection)

Vests and helmets also tier from 1 to 3.


The tier 1 helmet is an open-faced motorcycle crash helmet which will provide an 80 damage value hit from a bullet. It’s pretty much a thin paper book in front of a massive sniper round. So, not great. As for the tier 2 helmet, the military-style open face hat, it will protect you against 150 armor points. As for the style, it looks much nicer, however, when it comes to visibility, the helmet is not as distinguishable in the foliage as the other tiers. And lastly, the level 3 helmet. As of the most recent update, the level 3 helmet is now only available inside airdrop crates and it’s most probably because it can stop an entire mag of bullets and even a sniper shot!


Level 1 vest protection is, once again, a thin book. However, it is still useful to have. The level 1 vest will add 200 armor points, giving you a slightly better of surviving. Level 2 vests are much better looking and also provide an additional 220 armor points. Although 220 isn’t much higher than 200, it helps much more than you think. Level 3 vests are the bee’s knees, providing an extremely valuable 250 armor points! Unlike the level 3 helmet, the vest can still be found around the map but at a much less common rate than the other vests.

I will create a part 2 to this guide providing details on throwables and various equipment items used for stealth and survival. Make sure to keep up to date with our other PUBG coverage here too! Leave a comment if you learnt something from this guide or if you have any suggestions for future guides.