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Yet again, PUBG has released a new event mode perfect for those who enjoy total chaos, fun, or anything to avoid actually playing the game properly. It goes by the name of Crash Carnage, and as you can tell by the title, it sounds quite interesting.

Bluehole recently posted on Steam: “In Crash Carnage, no firearms spawn so you’ll need to focus on melee weapons, throwables, and of course your driving skills to carry your duo to that final circle. Circles move considerably faster in this event, so loot quick, grab a vehicle, and crash your way to road warrior glory.”

As I said, it’s perfect for those who enjoy chaos!

I think the new event mode will rise among the most popular modes merely because of how many PUBG players mess around during competitive games. The amount of times I have joined a random squad and had a teammate that has no idea what they are doing is uncountable.

Maybe this event mode is a way to deter these play-styles away from competitive games, leaving the competitive games open to more serious players. Or if it’s just to add a bit more fun to matches, let us know your thoughts.


So when can you play the new event mode?

  • STARTS: Oct 4, 7pm PDT / Oct 5, 4am CEST / Oct 5, 11am KST
  • ENDS: Oct 7, 7pm PDT / Oct 8, 4am CEST / Oct 8, 11am KST

General Rules/Information:

Available Queues:

  • Duo team on Erangel (All Regions)


  • Teams of duos will fight in Erangel. Up to 100 players can join.
  • Land vehicles, with the exception of motorcycles, will spawn throughout the map.
  • Firearms will not spawn; instead, melee weapons, throwables, consumables, and other gear will spawn.
  • Blue Zone will move faster than usual, especially the first Blue Zone.
  • The first Safe Zone, and the center point of the final Safe Zone, will be indicated with a flag icon on the mini-map.
  • 2-person duos only. Auto-matching is switchable to On/Off
  • Weather: Sunny
  • Red zones: Disabled
  • General care packages: Disabled
  • Killer Spectating: Enabled
  • Friendly fire: Disabled

I’ll certainly be giving this event mode a test just as I do with all of the others. My personal favorite is the War Mode collection so I am excited to see what Carnage has to offer!

What is your favorite PUBG event mode, and will you be giving Carnage a try? Let us know in the comments. And if you’d like to see our other PUBG coverage, check it out here.