New PUBG custom games open beta now available on the test servers
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Earlier in the year, PUBG had an idea to let all players access custom games. Well, now you finally can! Today, PUBG announced on Steam, Twitter, and Discord that custom games were now live on the test servers.

In addition to the new update, the Rony (new pickup truck) and QBU (new designated marksman rifle) were added alongside the custom games open beta.

How to host your own custom games:

The PUBG steam announcement released images and instructions on how players are able to set up their own games. You can find those over here.

One thing to consider: PUBG has kept the custom games slot locked to 10,000 concurrent lobbies in order to keep the game and servers stable.

PUBG also mentioned that custom games in the future may be charged in order to ensure players don’t take advantage of the system for inappropriate reasons.
Under those circumstances, players seemed to be happy about this point as you wouldn’t want to see a cluttered server list of custom games.

Furthermore, the custom games open beta will be free on the test servers, therefore you can create a game with your very own rules and limits.

PUBG custom games

This may include:

  • Circle behaviour
  • Max Limit of players from 1-100
  • Weather and Map
  • Revive on/off and speed variations
  • Friendly fire damage
  • Customise war and zombie mode
  • Custom load outs

When will custom games be available in the full game?

PUBG hasn’t announced the future release of the custom games. However, each update added to the test servers has been implemented several months or weeks later. Therefore, judging by the past updates on the test servers, it shouldn’t be long before the full version hits the game!

The new Rony pickup and QBU rifle

Asides from the open beta, the new Rony pickup truck and the new QBU rifle were are also available for testing after several days of teasing. Though, the new weapon and vehicle are only available on the Sanhok map. Again, when the new vehicle or rifle will be released into the full game is still unknown.


In fact, if you’d like to learn more about the Rony or QBU rifle, you can check out my other posts featuring more details.

What to expect from the custom games open beta

With the access to these options, we’re certainly ready to see some crazy ideas and give less-serious players more variety of gameplay. Not only that, we’re also excited to see what streamers will do with these options.

The initial custom games beta was only available to a selection of people in the very early stages, given that they used them for appropriate reasons. The main selection was streamers. And several days ago, a new tournament, Broadcaster Royale, was announced.

The tournament is specifically focused at popular PUBG streamers using the new custom game feature. We’ll have a separate post following more details on the new tournament shortly. In the meantime, go and get creative with some game modes!