PUBG adds bullet penetration system and weather conditions
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The PGI 2018 is now over and there were rumours that PUBG was about to release a new update. Now they have!

During top-ten situations, it’s always frustrating when you take aim at your opponent’s head and the unfriendly deflects it with their hand whilst jumping. This is no longer an issue as of the new update – PUBG has included a bullet penetration system. This gives players an easier chance to take down an enemy or deal much more damage.

However, in the first release of the new system, players have already spotted issues with the calibration of the bullets. Bullet penetration works, but it doesn’t work too well.

Well, PUBG addressed the issue immediately and assured fans on Twitter that a fix is in progress and players will be updated.

How does bullet penetration work?

It’s pretty straightforward and we’re unsure why this wasn’t implemented in the first place. If a bullet is going towards the head, torso, or waist and the arm blocks the path of the bullet, the damage will apply as if you hit the shot. This often occurs when a player is looting or vaulting as the arm moves and would deflect bullet damage. It should no longer an issue.

In addition to this, if body parts are exposed, only the forearm damage will be applied as normal.

As said previously, we’re unsure why this wasn’t implemented into the game in the first place, since PUBG is known to be a “realistic” shooter. It would be interesting if PUBG also added bullet penetration to world items such as the corrugated metal on Miramar, or through car doors. Whether this is a plan for the future, we’re unsure.

Now, what about the weather?

Onto my favorite subject! Coming from England, I know a lot about rain and unpredictable weather and now, PUBG has re-added the weather changes on all three maps. Over a year ago, PUBG added rain and fog which proved to be a good fit for various reasons. However, during PUBG Corp’s focus to improve and stabilize the game’s performance, the weather system was removed.

The PUBG team released a video following the re-introduction:

As explained in the video, the return of the weather is to create “random in-game events” and “opportunities for strategic decision making.” Fog can be useful for avoiding snipers or to creep up on enemies. Rain can be used as a sound strategy to evade footstep detection.

PUBG Update #19 also introduces a number of UI tweaks, performance adjustments, and bug fixes. The full list of changes and additions can be found here

However, out of all of the updates, all we really want to know is when the snow map is arriving and if there will ever be a night mode.

Let us know what you think of the new update in the comments! And also, make sure to check out our other PUBG coverage here.