Psyonix reduces prices of the criticized Rocket League Item Shop
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It looks like Psyonix went through with the classic bait and switch. Having launched their new Blueprints and Item Shop in Rocket League with outrageous prices just a week ago, the community lashed back at the Epic-acquired studio by the thousands. Now, as predicted by many, they have reduced the prices.

The new prices in Rocket League’s Item Shop

The previous prices put some items in the new Rocket League shop at a higher value than the game itself. Other items, such as Infinium wheels, suddenly cost over 14 times more than the community traded them for before the update. Psyonix has reduced the prices by the following amounts:

*100 credits = $1

  • Rare: 50-100 Credits
  • Very Rare: 100-200 Credits
  • Import: 300-500 Credits
  • Exotic: 700-800 Credits

The crimson-painted Fennec Battle-Car, for example, now costs 700 instead of 1200 credits. Black Market items remain 2000 credits for unpainted variants, which means they also remain the same price as Rocket League itself. However, many community members predict that the game will go free to play on the Epic launcher soon.

Painted and special edition prices were also reduced:

  • Most Paint Colors: 50-200 additional Credits
  • Burnt Sienna: 0 additional Credits
  • Titanium White: 100-500 additional Credits
  • Special Editions: 200-400 additional Credits

“Psyonix wants to be the good guy”

Of course, those who purchased the items before the price adjustments will be refunded the difference in credits. This tactic was expected by many, if not everybody to be used to test the waters with overpriced items, then adjust them to “restore” their reputation. The community immediately started commenting to remain holding off on purchasing items from the in-game Rocket League store and not reward Psyonix for manipulative behavior.

Fans also still request a way to earn credits in-game without having to pay real money. The most popular suggestion is the ability to “sell” Blueprints back to the game for a percentage of the credits. So far Psyonix has yet to comment on those suggestions.

What do you think? Should Psyonix be rewarded for this, or is a continued boycott justified? Let us know in the comments.

Michael Kloos is a Dutch esports journalist and enthusiast with a particular like of Rocket League and VALORANT. He is also an avid fantasy/sci-fi reader and writer. He spends most of his time trying not to be in the real world.