Pros tackle Overwatch Storm Rising: Europe and Asia lead
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A day after Overwatch‘s Archives event hit servers, pros have already begun grinding out the PvE mission for increasingly impressive speed runs. As it stands, the Americas region lags behind Europe and Asia, who are currently tied for first place. Overwatch Storm Rising will be available until May 6.


Sitting at the top of Americas with a score of 21,843 is a mixed matchup of three Contenders players and Overwatch League star Simon “snillo” Ekström. Joining the Philadelphia Fusion DPS player are Mads “fischer” Jehg, who recently left Team Envy; Hugo “SharP” Sahlberg, who plays for them currently; and Cameron “Wub” Johnson from Mayhem Academy.

Pros tackle Overwatch Storm Rising: Europe and Asia lead
Snillo is in a 2-way contract between Philadephia Fusion and Fusion University. Image courtesy of the Overwatch League.


Asia’s top squad also featured Contenders talent. Godlike Genji Seung-jun “WhoRU” Lee from Meta Athena’s group achieved a score of 21,870. This is currently tied for best in the world for Storm Rising. He was joined by retired pro Lee Tae Jun, YouTuber “dealerplayer,” and Sung-woo “Mineral” Lee.

Pros tackle Overwatch Storm Rising: Europe and Asia lead
WhoRU is currently on loan to Meta Athena from Fusion University. Image courtesy of Overwatch Contenders.


Finally, Europe featured a roster of well known top-ranked players. “DukeOfIberia,” “Unleashed,” “S1ngle,” and “Wave72″ achieved the same score of 21,870. EU had secured the top spot within a few hours of Storm Rising’s release, but all three regions have been refining their scores. It’s still very much anyone’s game.

The current global standings for Storm Rising.

With the top two squads sitting at 21,870 for Overwatch Storm Rising, it may well be a perfect score. Regardless though, players from around the world will continue to grind, practice, and improve. Will either Europe or Asia edge ahead? Or will Americas steal the Archives event crown from under them both? Stay tuned.

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