Project A is a Riot Games hero FPS set to take on Overwatch and CSGO
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Today’s League of Legends 10th Anniversary Livestream was a roller coaster through and through. Among the multiple new projects Riot Games unveiled is the mysterious Project A. A tactical hero shooter set to take on industry mainstays like CSGO and Overwatch, Project A is in the very early stages of development.

Rumors about the game’s development have been circulating since April 2018. However, this is the first footage Riot has released to date. It showed two teams of heroes duking it out on an urban arena in a “near-future setting,” in Riot’s own description. The minimalistic look may be an artistic decision, but some viewers were quick to point out it might also indicate a planned mobile release.

How Project A would play

From what little Riot showed in the livestream, Project A appears to be an objective-based tactical shooter. Heroes are shown wielding guns and special abilities, launching fans of kunai and poison clouds at each other. In some ways it resembles Paladins quite a bit. The game is in the very early stages, but from what we could glimpse it seems to be aimed in a very traditional direction.

Project A Riot footage fps hero shooter game

This is one of multiple recently announced FPS projects to notably not be a battle royale. It’s unclear whether Riot Games is trying to reinvent the classics or is acting on some secret industry tip. Either way, their Project A announcement very heavily emphasized certain priorities they have set for themselves. At the top of their list are server stability and anti-hacking measures. No surprises there, as hackers and hit-reg failure are the bane of modern competitive shooters.

The announcement ended with a promise of more news on the upcoming game to come in 2020. Riot also stated it is already committed to supporting Project A for years to come.

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