Potential Season 5 theme for Fortnite leaked after rocket launch
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Today has been quite the exciting day for Fortnite fans. First, the notorious rocket finally launched, ripping a strange tear into the sky above the island. Now, a new leak signals at a potential theme for the next season of the game. Season 5 of Fortnite is drawing near, and many people are wondering what will come next for Epic’s popular title. With 11 days left in this tumultuous season, many people expected today’s rocket launch to signal a monumental shift. Many expected the rocket to destroy a point-of-interest location on the map, similar to the meteor that devastated Dusty Depot at the end of Season 3. However, today’s launch only created more intrigue. Now, FortniteInsider, a popular leak site, revealed the potential aftermath of this event.

Will Fortnite's next map involve a desert?

Season 5: The other side of the rocket

Now that the rocket has come and gone, players are eager to learn what’s next. Sure, a large tear appeared in the sky, and a pod crashed in Anarchy Acres, but what does it all mean? A recent data-mine from FortniteInsider has leaked numerous Western-themed images, concepts of items potentially arriving in Fortnite Battle Royale soon. Among them are rickety wooden signs adorned with skulls and Red Dead Revolver-esque poker tables. The idea of a Western theme for Season 5 fits recent changes to Fortnite‘s PvE Save the World mode. A new desert biome was recently added, and many people speculated that today’s rocket launch would mirror this change in Battle Royale. One theory was that the rocket launch would result in the desolation of Moisty Mire, leaving behind a barren desert landscape. Though the swampy Mire still stands, contrary to earlier speculation, not all locations remained unchanged.

Alongside the pod that crashed into Anarchy Acres, a smaller rift, similar to the tear in the skyline, appeared in front of Lonely Lodge. Early theories suggest that a time warp will occur at some point, thrusting the map into a Western era. The website also suggests that the theme will focus on a larger historical setting, not solely limited to a Western aesthetic. They cite the fact that in the initial Playground LTM trailer, both a pyramid and Sphinx are constructed. This is in addition to cowboys and a saloon, which aligns with the Western theme. Whether or not we’ll see both of these additions, or really any of them, remains to be seen. Season 5 is coming soon, but what will we see? To view more images from the data-mine, visit FortniteInsider’s website.