Pokémon UNITE releases 'New Sheriff in Town' Battle Pass
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Pokémon UNITE released a new Battle Pass with a cowboy theme called the “New Sheriff in Town” Battle Pass on Thursday. This is the third Battle Pass in Pokémon UNITE’s lifetime and features many in-game prizes for free alongside new exclusive skins for players who pay for the premium version.

Pokémon UNITE releases “New Sheriff in Town” Battle Pass

The “New Sheriff in Town” Battle Pass features several new Holowear skins such as Frontier Style Zeraora and Gardening Style Dragonite. Players can also receive new costumes for trainer fashion that are in the same Frontier Style as the Zeraora Holowear. Even if players do not purchase the Premium Battle Pass, they will be able to receive rewards just for consistently playing the game. These rewards include Aeos Coins and Aeos Tickets. This Battle Pass will last till March 14.

During the length of this Battle Pass, the third UNITE ranked season will also begin. Players will receive ranked rewards if they reached a certain rank at the end of last season. Pokémon UNITE has also released the ranked rewards for the current third season, which will end on April 26.

The Battle Pass season will also bring log-in bonus events with it. The first event will run from Jan. 31, 2022, to Feb. 13. The more tasks the players complete, the more Silver Badges they will gain. When players hit 500 Silver Badges, they will receive a western-themed Machamp Holowear as a reward for exchanging the Silver Badges. The second phase of log-in bonuses will run from Feb. 28, 2022, to Mar. 14, during which players can collect gold badges. Western-themed Trainer fashion items will be available as a special reward for collecting 500 gold badges.

The final prize for the Premium Battle Pass will be the Frontier Style Zeraora Holowear skin. It features new animations for its UNITE move, a new custom recall animation and custom animations for its Discharge move. Keep in mind that if a player does not play enough to level up the Premium Battle Pass to the final level, they will not receive the Frontier Style Zeraora Holowear skin.


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