Pokémon teases new classic TCG set for the 25th Anniversary
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Classic Pokémon cards seem to be all the rage nowadays. Popular streamers drop thousands of dollars to open classic packs, and certain classic cards sell for high amounts. For the 25th Anniversary, it looks like Pokémon is tapping into this market, as they just teased some classic cards in a tweet.

Here’s a look at the tweet and what it might (and probably does) mean.

Pokémon teases classic TCG set

It looks like we will get a new TCG set similar to Pokémon XY Evolutions, which brought back classic cards as well. The new tweet from Pokémon states, “Hope your binders are ready for the special 25th anniversary-themed collections coming to the #PokemonTCG this year, Trainers!” 

This tweet is easy to decipher — there’s going to be new classic Pokémon cards. 2021 is Pokémon’s 25th Anniversary, which makes it an ideal time to do something like this. This set will likely include cards from the original Pokémon TCG set. Cards from this set, like Charizard, are fan favorites.

If this is indeed the case, this is a great way for newer players to get their hands on classic cards without paying hundreds or thousands of dollars. While these cards will likely not be competitive, they are great for collectors. Be sure not to miss an opportunity to get your hands on some of these.

These cards could be valuable someday

Keep in mind that a set like this is also likely to accrue value over time. A sealed XY Evolutions booster box now sells for roughly $600. This set originally came out in 2016 and is already worth roughly five times what it originally sold for. So, if you’re looking to flip some cards, be sure not to open your booster!

Pokémon will likely reveal more about the 25th Anniversary set soon. Be sure to stay tuned for more information on all of the 25th Anniversary events!