Pokémon Sword and Shield: More Link Codes for specific trades
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The Pokémon Sword and Shield community has risen to the task of helping each other out again, with another set of Link Codes for specific trades. The first set of codes helped players get version exclusives, and this set helps players evolve Pokémon that only evolve through trade.

Certain Pokémon only evolve through trade, such as Haunter and Machoke. These creatures can be difficult for players to evolve if they don’t have friends that play the games. As such, these link codes aim to help players trade those Pokémon so they evolve, and then trade them back to their original owner.

To use these codes, open the Y-COMM menu in Pokémon Sword or Shield, click “Link Trade”, then click “Set Link Code” and choose one of the following codes. Be sure to have the Pokémon and the held item (if necessary) ready to go. Once the trade is complete, be sure to offer a trade back.

Here are the codes

  • 7101: Haunter
  • 7102: Machoke
  • 7103: Gurdurr
  • 7104: Phantump
  • 7105: Pumpkaboo
  • 7106: Boldore
  • 7107: Onix with Metal Coat
  • 7108: Rhydon with Protector
  • 7109: Feebas with Prism Scale
  • 7110: Dusclops with Reaper Cloth
  • 7111: Swirlix with Whipped Dream
  • 7112: Spritzee with Sachet
  • 7113: Shelmet for Karrablast (These Pokémon must be traded for one another to evolve)

Bonus held item codes

  • 7115: Fossilized Bird for Fossilized Drake
  • 7116: Fossilized Dino for Fossilized Fish
  • 7117: Sweet Apple for Tart Apple

Ensuring a safe trade

Trading with random people over the internet can always be a little sketchy, especially when hoping to get the Pokémon back. When going into a trade like this, make sure to check what the other person is offering. You can do this by clicking the “check summary” option before confirming the trade. Make sure the other Pokémon is holding the proper item (if necessary) and that it is the correct Pokémon.

Pokémon Link Codes

Always be wary when making these trades, and realize that something can be stolen. Avoid trading anything valuable, like shiny or competitively bred Pokémon, with these codes. Use them for filling out the Pokédex. While they can usually be trustworthy, there are always going to be shady people out there.

Finally, remember to always offer a trade back. Most people will want their Pokémon back. If the other person doesn’t offer it back, there is, unfortunately, no good way to contact them to get it back. So, enjoy the codes and remember to be courteous and smart about trading.