Pokémon Sword and Shield: How to get Fossil Pokémon
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Fossil Pokémon have always been a part of the franchise, and they make a return in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Here are the possible fossils you can find and how you can resurrect them into the four different Pokémon.

The fossils

There are four different fossils in the Galar Region. The Fossilized Dino and the Fossilized Bird are more common in Pokémon Sword, while the Fossilized Drake and the Fossilized Fish are more common in Pokémon Shield. Players can combine the fossils on Route 6 to create four different Pokémon.

There are several ways of obtaining these fossils. The Fossilized Dino and Fossilized Drake appear on Route 6 in their respective games. Meanwhile, an NPC in the Stow-On-Side Pokémon Center gives the other fossils. Players can also find fossils in the Dusty Bowl and get them randomly from the Digging Duo.

Pokémon Fossils Sword Shield

Fossil Pokémon

Fossils in Pokémon Sword and Shield work differently than in previous games. This time, there are two “top” fossils (Fossilized Bird and Fossilized Fish) that you can combine with two “bottom” fossils (Fossilized Dino and Fossilized Drake). The different fossils make different types: Bird will give the Electric-type, Drake will give Dragon-type, Fish will give Water-type, and Dino will give Ice-type.

  • Bird + Dino = Arctozolt
  • Bird + Drake = Dracozolt
  • Fish + Dino = Arctovish
  • Fish + Drake = Dracovish

There is no limit on how many fossils can be found or combined. Each Pokémon resurrected this way will be level 10 with at least three perfect Individual Values (IVs). They will have one of two abilities, though they cannot have their hidden ability. They can also be shiny.

If you are having trouble getting certain fossils, the community has set up certain trade codes to help players get what they need. Just stay smart if you decide to trade and make sure no one rips you off. Otherwise, happy hunting!