Pokémon GO Valentine's Day event detailed ahead of launch
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It’s mid-February, which means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. To celebrate, Pokémon GO is delivering a special Valentine’s event, where another Pokémon is making its GO debut.

The event will run from Feb. 14 at 1 p.m. local time to Feb. 18 at 8 p.m. local time. Munna, a Psychic-type Pokémon originating in Pokémon Black and White’s Unova region, is the highlight of the event. Players will be able to catch Munna in the wild and evolve it to Musharna, using Munna candy and a Unova Stone.

In addition to Munna, the following Pokémon will be appearing more frequently in the wild:

  • Nidoran (male and female)
  • Plusle
  • Minun
  • Volbeat
  • Illumise
  • Luvdisc
  • Feebas

There will also be different Pokémon hatching from 5km eggs as part of the Pokémon GO Valentine’s Day event. Here’s what you can expect to grab from 5km eggs during the event:

  • Eevee
  • Cleffa
  • Igglybuff
  • Togepi
  • Luvdisc
  • Munna
  • Woobat
  • Cottonnee

As always, there will be different Pokémon present in raids as well. Five-star raid eggs will spawn Latias and Latios, and Mega raids will feature Mega Ampharos, Mega Pidgeot and Mega Gyarados.

Pokémon GO Valentine’s Day bonuses

The Pokémon GO Valentine’s Day event will also include several bonuses, along with an all-new collection challenge. Here are the bonuses up for grabs:

  • Increased chance to become Lucky Friends with your friends
  • Increased chance that Pokémon you trade become Lucky Pokémon
  • Trade range increased to 40 km
  • Increased chance of receiving Berries from Gifts
  • Three free remote raid passes at the start of the event.

The collection challenge will task players with catching certain Pokémon during the event. If players successfully catch every Pokémon from the collection, they will get a selection of rewards. Players can find the list of Pokémon, along with the rewards, under the event quest menu in-game.

Pokémon GO Sinnoh event

Be sure not to miss out on a chance to add Munna to the Pokédex during the Pokémon GO Valentine’s event. For all other Pokémon coverage, be sure to stay with us here at Daily Esports.