Pokémon Championship Series returns with several tournaments in 2022
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The details for the Pokémon Championship Series 2022 season were announced in a recent Twitter post. The popular competition series is back with several tournaments for Pokémon VGC (Video Game Championships), Pokémon TCG (Training Card Game), Pokémon GO and Pokkén Tournament DX.

How to play in the Pokémon Championship Series 2022

The best part of playing in any of the tournaments listed above is that they do not require advance registration. All of the events are hosted by independent tournament organizers, and there is an event tracker that can link any player to their nearest tournament.

The rules change for what is considered legal in those tournaments. Pokémon TCG has rotations. Pokémon VGC has different series that allow different Pokémon, as long as players bring teams or decks under the proper guidelines. However, players can always participate.

There are three levels of competition for all these tournaments. This includes locals, which are small events hosted by tournament organizers — usually allow registration through drop-ins. However, larger scale tournaments on a regional or national level will usually require pre-registration ahead of time.

In order to register for any of these Championship Series events, all players will need a Pokémon Trainer Club account and a Play! Pokémon Trainer ID. They must also accept the Play! Pokémon terms of Use.

Every year, the best players in the world receive invitations to the Pokémon World Championship to compete for the title of best in the world. In order to qualify for the Pokémon World Championship, players must participate in tournaments during the year in order to gain Championship Points. There are several events available for players to participate in all different levels. These events are League Challenges, League Cups, Regional Championships and International Championships. Find all events through the Play! Pokémon Event Locator.

The Pokémon Championship Series is one of the only avenues that players have in order to compete in these games, and the new season is bound to create new storylines for viewers to follow.

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