Pobelter joins Team Liquid as positional coach for 2020
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Fans of Eugene “Pobelter” Park are excited to know that he will be returning to the professional League of Legends scene. In late November, he posted a long tweet informing fans that he wouldn’t be a part of any team next year. Fortunately, during a subsequent phone call with Team Liquid CEO Steve “LiQuiD112” Arhancet, he was offered a position to be a part of their team. He’s now Team Liquid’s positional coach for their upcoming 2020 LCS season.

A Team Liquid Twitter video shares Pobelter’s thought process throughout the transition period during the off-season. He shared that he was allowed to explore other options outside of his team, FlyQuest. “I’ve always been in the League from the start. I feel like I’ve always performed well. I feel like I deserve to be there. Maybe I overestimated myself, maybe this is a wake up call.”

Almost giving up

In his November open letter to fans, Pobelter had stated his disappointment that no other team had been willing to pick him up. He owned up to past mistakes from and shares his confusions within the NA pro scene. In an emotional yet deeply eye-opening conclusion, he did not close his door to opportunities.

In today’s Team Liquid update, Arhancet shares that he’d given Pobelter advice on what he should do. He complimented his experience by reminding him that he’s too good to play in the Academy teams. He also believed he should do something more with his career. After ironing out the details, the managing team decided he would be a great positional coach for the top half of the map.

Pobelter’s played with plenty of strong top and mid laners throughout his career. In the past, among other results, he’s won 1st place with Team Liquid in the 2018 NA LCS Spring Playoffs and 2nd place in both summer and regular 2017 NA LCS Playoffs. He also placed 9th-12th place in the 2017 Worlds Group Stage.

The future looks optimistic

Pobelter is looking forward to working with Team Liquid as their new positional coach. Fortunately, he is headed in the direction of his desired end goal. He shares that he eventually wanted to transition to become a coach. This is a great move for him and a great opportunity to gain perspective firsthand on what it’s like to be a coach.

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