Pobelter joins CLG as mid laner for the LCS Spring Split - Upcomer
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North American esports organization Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) has announced Eugene “Pobelter” Park is taking over their mid lane, which means he is departing from Team Liquid. Many fans are excited and shocked at this decision, especially as CLG struggles to win this LCS season.

Pobelter’s new team

After a tough few weeks during the LCS Spring Split, CLG is looking to make some serious changes. Fans share feelings of excitement for Pobelter’s new position though. The veteran mid laner will replace Lee “Crown” Min-ho on the rift. He will begin his new role next weekend when CLG faces off against Cloud9. Additionally, the change will be a great opportunity for the team to get back on track since they have 7 losses and 1 win.

Pobelter has recently been an important part of Team Liquid. They gave him the position of Assistant / Positional Coach for the upcoming 2020 season. Until yesterday, he had been playing and coaching the team throughout the Spring Split.

Leaving Team Liquid

Team Liquid co-CEO Steve “LiQuiD112” Arhancet posted a video explaining the situation. He said CLG reached out to TL first before making any big changes. Originally, Pobelter and TL had agreed to give him the freedom to move around in the LCS. “One of the things that we agreed to was, if he had his heart in another place and he wanted to play competitively, that of course we would do everything that we could to make that happen, and I would personally work on that.” He thanked Pobelter for being an amazing coach, an incredible jungler, and an overall great teammate. At the end of the video, there is a small montage of Pobelter clips ending with “Pobelter, Team Liquid Positional Coach, Dec 2019 – Feb 2020.”

The feedback for the CLG post was mostly positive, though many followers were upset about Crown being benched. Alternatively, some argued he was the reason CLG had done so poorly to begin with. Either way, many fans wish him well and are hoping to see him back on the scene soon.

Congratulations to Pobelter, everyone is looking forward to seeing you on the rift this weekend.