PlayStation might have confirmed Olympus isn't coming in Apex Legends Season 6
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A possible unintentional leak by an official PlayStation Twitter account may have confirmed Apex Legends isn’t receiving the new map Olympus in Season 6. A couple of days ago, the official PlayStation Europe account tweeted out the Season 6 cinematic trailer. This on its own was harmless, but the video’s description is what’s concerning. Although nothing is confirmed, it does appear that Olympus won’t be arriving with Apex Legends Season 6. Instead, World’s Edge will most likely see some updates to some of its locations or introduce completely new areas.

Olympus not coming in Apex Legends Season 6

When it comes to Respawn Entertainment, you can’t trust some of what it says. The developers like to tease and surprise the Apex Legends community with events, seasons, and content. For example, they created a new legend, Forge, only for him to be killed before Season 4 even began.

So while it does take some things seriously, official details for new seasons have been misleading in the past. However, the new leak from the PlayStation Europe account doesn’t seem to fall into this category. It seems like the account was simply telling players what they can expect in Season 6.

The caption for the tweet states that Apex Legends is receiving an “updated World’s Edge.” The account does not hint at a new map though, which many believe to be Olympus. While Respawn could be waiting to shock the community, it doesn’t appear to be a probability.

In lighter news, the PlayStation account did reveal something else for Season 6. Previously, we believed that only one new weapon would come with the update, being the Volt SMG. However, according to this account, multiple weapons will make their way to Apex Legends. At this time, we’re not sure what the second weapon could be.

Season 6 launches on August 18 so we’ll know more details then. Make sure to stay tuned to Daily Esports for all Apex Legends news.

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