Player's open letter to Psyonix becomes subreddit's most upvoted post of all time
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Psyonix has drawn the ire of their esports fanbase. With increasing worries and complaints, fans of Rocket League esports have begun voicing their displeasure more openly and more often. The dismissal of RLCS analyst and caster Adam “Lawler” Thornton seems to have been the last straw, and the result was an open letter to Psyonix written by reddit user RaskullQuake on the Rocket League Esports subreddit. The submission soon grew into the subreddit’s most upvoted post of all time.

The open letter to Psyonix

The letter mentions several complaints that have echoed in the community lately. With 2019 as a successful year, many fans believed that Psyonix could make the scene explode. But now that it is over, 2020 is looking bleak.

Raskull brings up the very slowly progressing esports shop, the low amount of support for the bubble scenes, the dismissal of several beloved hosts and analysts for seemingly no good reason, and Psyonix’s focus on Collegiate Rocket League, which is getting more support than other, fully professional regions such as Oceania. OCE, for example, has not been informed on how and when RLCS will happen for them, while Europe and North America are beginning their leagues in less than two weeks.

Support for the post

Raskull explains that the latter part was the last straw for him to bring the issues to Psyonix in the form of a letter, and he requested other fans to sign the letter if they agree. And sign it they did. It quickly grew to over 3400 upvotes and 800 comments and continues to climb, making it by far the most popular post ever on the Rocket League Esports reddit community. It has also garnered over 1500 upvotes and 100+ comments on the main Rocket League subreddit. Not only that, but it was awarded several silver, gold, and even platinum rewards. Many community members have also reposted the conversation Twitter, pleading with Psyonix to begin communicating.

And communication does seem to be the primary issue. Whether the points brought up in the letter are accurate behind the scenes or not, Psyonix is giving the impression of neglect through their lack of communication. There are worries that have been brought up time and time again, and Psyonix rarely, if ever, communicates about them.

It’s not just the lack of support for the esport, either. Psyonix has had many good ideas in the past that they abandoned shortly after implementation, either with or without promises of more updates in the future. These range from new game modes to new features such as custom training and tournaments. Even when asked questions directly in interviews, Psyonix has tried to wiggle out of them by giving political answers and no real insight into what their plans are for Rocket League esports and the game in general.

The community has begun to take things into their own hands by creating mods, maps, and tournaments, but without real support from Psyonix, these efforts can never truly thrive. It’s a worrying time for Rocket League fans, and if Psyonix wants to keep a loyal fanbase, it’s time to start communicating. With the post only being a day old, Psyonix has yet to respond. If they do, we will, of course, update you on it.

Michael Kloos is a Dutch esports journalist and enthusiast with a particular like of Rocket League and VALORANT. He is also an avid fantasy/sci-fi reader and writer. He spends most of his time trying not to be in the real world.