Play Pokémon cancels more sanctioned events due to coronavirus
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Play Pokémon is officially canceling all events that they sanction through to May 14 due to the coronavirus (Covid-19). They have stated that they are working with event organizers and the World Health Organization to monitor the situation.

The coronavirus is responsible for shutting down events all over the world. Play Pokémon already had to cancel the 2020 Europe Internationals at the beginning of the month. Given the state of the world due to the coronavirus, it comes as no surprise that more events are being shut down.

Which Pokémon events will this affect?

While there are the obvious cancelations of Pokémon Regional and International Championships, this will also impact smaller events. Play Pokémon is canceling all Special Events, League Challenges, League Cups, Premier Challenges, Midseason Showdowns, and Pre-release tournaments.

This does not mean that local Pokémon events will be canceled. Play Pokémon has, however, advised independent event organizers to consider the health of and safety of their community and participants.

How does this affect the players?

Pokémon players will not be eligible to receive any Championship Points towards an invite to the Pokémon World Championships during this time. This means that players who were planning on participating in these events could be at a disadvantage if they cannot attend future events. There is no indication of plans to reschedule these events.

Assuming events resume in May, players will be able to participate in future tournaments with the same amount of Championship Points they currently have. Players may have to travel to distant events to make up for cancelations, however. These cancelations will have a definite impact on the World Championships.

Hopefully, the Coronavirus will be well on its way out by May 14, but Play Pokémon will continue to monitor the situation. It is likely that future events will be canceled as well if the situation doesn’t improve. Remember to stay up to date with Daily Esports for more news and stories.