Pine returns to the Overwatch League, signs to the Dallas Fuel
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The Dallas Fuel has signed hitscan player Kim “Pine” Do-hyeon, formerly of the New York Excelsior. During the inaugural season, his hitscan play helped spark wins for the NYXL. After a long time away streaming and training online, Pine has returned to the league. The team is waiting on the results of his visa process, but they expect him to join the team soon.

‘Big Boss’ Pine and his past

Pine was one of the best hitscan players in the inaugural Overwatch League season. His surprising start led to amazing highlight reels that still circulate around the Overwatch League community. He managed to help the New York Excelsior win two stage playoff titles with his incredible Widowmaker and McCree plays. However, the second season proved to be Pine’s last with the NYXL. The GOATs meta left him on the bench and, even when the meta shifted, it was clear that he wasn’t going to get playtime. Pine announced his retirement and his move to stream for the organization, still wanting to represent his team.

However, that move didn’t last forever. At the end of 2020, Pine posted on Twitter that he was looking for a professional Overwatch League team again. The meta had shifted and the heroes he specialized in were needed.

The offseason came and went and Pine was still unsigned, however. His name disappeared from the public view as he continued to focus on Overwatch. It wasn’t until May 10 that the May Melee champions Dallas Fuel announced that they were signing the “Big Boss.” Pine, a player that the Dallas fuel desperately needed, returned to the league.

Dallas Fuel sign Pine to stock up

With this signing, the Fuel looks even better. After winning the May Melee, they’re on top of the world but they still need to improve. Upcoming hero pools will limit what the Fuel can do, especially with the gaps they have. No hitscan will matter when certain heroes get banned, as there is a big chance that heroes like Widowmaker or McCree will become meta again.

However, when Pine signed to the Dallas Fuel, those issues went away. As a proven player on the hitscan role, Pine currently only has one downside; a large amount of time off since his last Overwatch League game may cause some nervousness.

Pine talks about stress Overwatch League
Screenshot Provided by Pine’s Discord channel

Pine has mentioned before that the pressure the league puts on him has affected him. However, having fewer expectations now, it may just be the best time for him to return. Old Overwatch League fans will be excited to see this player face off against some of the new blood.

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