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Nintendo fans are anxiously awaiting the next Nintendo Direct now that the new year has arrived. Unfortunately, a parody Twitter account @NintendoAemrica succressfully took people hopes and ran wild with them. The account tweeted out details this past  Monday with a very official looking Nintendo Direct announcement. It generated about 5,000 retweets and close to 14,000 likes before people realized it was a fake. Many were commenting about how funny it was that so many fell for the “fake news”, they probably didn’t look too deeply at the Twitter user handle. It stated that we can expect the next Nintendo Direct to come out this coming Thursday. Sadly it’s not true.

Some users once they realized they had been fooled starting tweeting some pretty nasty and funny responses back. If there’s one thing you don’t do to the Nintendo fanbase, it’s troll them. There is no official word from Nintendo America yet on when the real date of the next Direct will be this month. We speculate it could happen this month but we don’t know when. One would hope maybe it’s next week. While the person or persons behind this fake account definitely got more of a reaction than they bargained for, the conversation is most certainly happening about when the next real Nintendo Direct is coming.

The real Nintendo of America hasn’t made a public statement about this parody account or the misinformation it spread. This wouldn’t be the first time a parody Twitter account fooled fans into thinking something was going on with a thing they like. Nintendo fans are just anxious for new news in the new year and who can blame them?

Now, what would really be funny if the real direct does actually happen on January 10th. Sadly, that’s highly unlikely at this point. Fans are eager for more Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC character news, Animal Crossing and other new game releases. Hopefully, we don’t have to wait too much longer before the real Nintendo Direct goes live.